Kim Kardashian Reveals North's "Deadly" Makeup Prank


| LAST UPDATE 07/15/2022

By Zoe Browning
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NINO / Contributor via Getty Images

North West sure knows how to keep things interesting, we have no doubt that her mom Kim Kardashian is always on the edge of her seat waiting for her eldest's latest move. Recently the 9-year-old pulled off a rather elaborate prank - but we don't think she anticipated it going as far as it did. Here's what went down.

Just like her famous mom, North adores all things beauty and fashion, especially makeup. Recently Kim revealed during an interview with Allure that North has been into playing with special effects makeup. And even more than that, she's actually quite talented at it! "North is really into special effects makeup, and she's really good at it. I have a teacher come and show her special effects makeup - where it's like wounds and blood and tons of stuff," Kim explained. She went on to tell the interviewer that for the summer, the mom of four rented out a house for the kids. It was at this location where North decided to bring her new hobby and all her makeup to life...

north west kim prank
Instagram via @kimkardashian
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North not only got herself prepared and her younger sister, but she made sure every spot of the room had makeup on it. Kim recalled, "And she decided not only to prank me and do [the makeup] it on her and Chicago, but she made the whole room look like a murder scene," she went on. "I cleaned up the kids, but I was really too tired to clean up the whole room. And they were going to have to do that, and they had to get ready to go to bed for school." The SKIMS founder thought it would be okay, except she didn't think about what the clean-up crew would think...

Apparently, North's skills made the room look so real that it frightened the cleaner! LOL. Kim explained to the magazine, "The housekeeper came and tried to call the authorities and called the homeowner thinking that it was a full, real murder scene, and I had to let them know that it was completely just a prank and my kids were doing special effects makeup," the reality star continued. "It was bad." TBH, we can't stop laughing over this - hopefully, next time, North will use her talent to make a paradise room!

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