Jennifer Lawrence Spills Hilarious Manifestation Hack


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Interview
James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images

We've all heard about the power of manifesting. It seems to be everywhere nowadays, with celebrities promising us that if we imagine our dreams as if they're reality, they will all come true. While most of us are skeptical, Jennifer Lawrence's hilarious recent reveal on the Ellen DeGeneres Show suggests there may be something to it! 

It's hard to imagine a time when Jennifer Lawrence wasn't one of the biggest actresses on the planet, but once upon a time, the Oscar-winning actress was just a teenager in Kentucky dreaming of fame. She revealed recently that in anticipation of her future stardom, from the ages of thirteen to seventeen, she would sit on the toilet and pretend Ellen was interviewing her. While she may have been interviewed by Ellen in the studio multiple times over the years, the talk-show host wanted to ensure all of Jennifer's dreams came true and decided to call the new mom for one last interview while she sat on the toilet from her Los Angeles home.

Jennifer Lawrence Funny Interview
Chelsea Lauren via Shutterstock
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"You always imagined I would interview you on the toilet," Ellen told Lawrence. "Years and Years spent on the toilet," Jennifer hilariously confirmed in a sad voice. "Did you ever imagine anyone else interviewing you? Like did Oprah interview you?" Ellen dug, seemingly searching for confirmation that she was the actress's number one goal destination. "Oprah, obviously, but I was really into your show, so pretty much every time it was a number two, it was you," laughed Lawrence. 

"Wow, I am honored! That is amazing!" Ellen gasped, pointing out how far the young Kentucky teenager had come in making her dreams a reality. "To be on the toilet pretending you're being interviewed by somebody, then you end up being a big superstar and now being interviewed talking about sitting on a toilet pretending to be interviewed!" Ellen noted, mentioning how many people probably did the same thing and didn't find stardom. "Yeah... I really manifested hard on there, maybe that's the lesson… take your time," she added to the audience's laughter. "Don't just think you're there on the toilet for one reason. You can manifest anything when you're there," Ellen declared to the audience. Lesson for life right there, folks. Still not convinced? Check out these other stars who once manifested their current realities.

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