Jennifer Garner Jokes About Hilarious Kitchen Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2021

By Zoe Browning
jennifer garner cooking show
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin Contributor via Getty Images

During Garner's most recent episode of her cooking show, she cooked up a whole lot more than another hearty meal. As she attempted to make Ina Garten's famous beef bourguignon recipe, things suddenly took a fiery turn. Here's what went down.

For starters, the actress has been making the go-to Christmas recipe for many years. "I don't know when I started making @inagarten's beef bourguignon (from Barefoot in Paris) for Christmas - it was long enough ago that the smell of this perfect stew makes me feel happy, cozy, and relaxed." So, one would assume that by now, she has mastered the measurements. The recipe calls for bacon, beef chunks, carrots, yellow onion, garlic, tomato paste, thyme leaves, frozen small whole onions, and mushrooms. The ingredients are mixed in with dry red wine, unsalted butter, and canned beef broth, thrown into a big pot, and then cooked on the stove and eventually in the oven.

But this time around, Garner doubled the Cognac. And it proved to be a big mistake. After adding the brandy into the pot, the alcohol caught on fire, and the flames nearly reached the top of her ceiling! As the blaze began to decrease, Garner joked to her viewers, "Don't double the Cognac."

Back in 2017, the 13 Going 30 star started her IGTV cooking show for fun, but now its become one of the most popular food series. Millions of people tune in to see what the actress is cooking up. "Pretty much it's just, 'Hey, we have a couple of hours, what do I want to make for lunch or bake for the kids?' and we go ahead and just shoot it," Garner told Good Morning America in November 2020. "I am a geeky fan of cooking shows, and I don't know enough to have my own cooking show." Garner also admitted back in 2019 to Rachael Ray, "I like a three and a half minute cooking show that I do with my friend in my kitchen and an iPhone, and it's done."

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jennifer garner cooking instagram
@inagarten via Instagram

Hopefully, this incident doesn't change Garner's mind about continuing on with the cookies series because, personally? We're loving the content. Make sure to check out some of her past Instagram food videos. And stay tuned.