Mindy Kaling Teases 'Legally Blonde 3'


| LAST UPDATE 02/18/2022

By Dina Wu
mindy kaling legally blonde
Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

Legally Blonde is just one of those golden rom-coms whose popularity never seems to die down. As expected, the sequel to the 2001 film has gotten a lot of hype from the original movie's fans - and members of its cast as well! Co-writer of the show Mindy Kaling recently revealed a new detail about Jennifer Coolidge's role in the film.

For starters, stars of the franchise have already shared several details of what we can expect in the upcoming 3rd installment. Reese Witherspoon was the first to confirm the news about the upcoming sequel, when she shared a video to Twitter that caused excitement among her fans. The video featured the actress in a swimming pool wearing a hot pink bikini, an iconic image from the original Legally Blonde movie. "It's true..." read the caption to the nostalgic video. Fans were obviously glad to hear the star, who played Elle Woods in the movies, will return for part 3!

legally blonde 3 sequel
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But perhaps the biggest news recently shared by Mindy Kaling was about Jennifer Coolidge's role in the film. While discussing her work with PanCan in an exclusive interview with E!, Kaling mentioned that, even though the production of the movie is "still in development," she has some big plans for Coolidge's character, Paulette Parcelle. Since learning the "Bend and Snap" technique from Elle Woods and eventually dumping her boyfriend, Coolidge has been shining in other roles. She has particularly been praised for her portrayal of Tanya McQuoid on the 2021 HBO series The White Lotus.

In fact, Kaling revealed that Coolidge's performance in the series inspired the development of Paulette's character for the upcoming installment of the soon-to-be trilogy. "Obviously, Paulette was just, like, so integral to the whole franchise, but once we saw [The White Lotus], we were like, 'Ooh, we really want to make sure that she has something really juicy to do,'" Kaling shared. And although we don't quite have a release date for the sequel yet, we just know that fans - like ourselves - can't wait to find out what the writers have prepared for Legally Blonde 3! Until then, stay tuned!

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