Jenna Barclay Pokes Fun at 'Euphoria'


| LAST UPDATE 03/17/2022

By Danielle Mejia
euphoria fashion funny video
Instagram via @jennaabarclay

Let's face it, besides the chaotic drama from the second season of HBO's Euphoria, the number two topic of conversation from the show is the fashion. From Maddie to Cassie, this season was packed with need-to-buy fits that changed the fashion game. In fact, it was so iconic that it inspired stores like Cider to curate entire edits dedicated to the show! And while we may be inspired by the style, there's one social media comedian who doesn't want us to forget our roots.

Jenna Barclay is a Jersey City-based self-acclaimed "basic ***** historian" who loves reminding us about our millennial past... Even the cringey bits we may not like to remember. From Beanie Baby mall sales of the 90s to embarrassing accessory trends from the early 2000s, she has built a fan base of close to 50 thousand followers who love her hilarious throwback content. So you can imagine that she was pretty inspired by the fashion craze surrounding Zendaya's hit show. But rather than jump on the Gen-Z fashion train, Barclay was inspired to pay tribute to the iconic teen drama from her era that impacted her sense of style: Gossip Girl.

euphoria funny viral video
Instagram via @jennaabarclay
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"Everyone talking about the ~CraZy OuTfiTs~ on Euphoria seems to have forgotten... Millennials in 2008 after watching Gossip Girl," she joked. The hilarious TBT then cuts to a montage of late 2000s fashion from the iconic show. From knee-high socks to preppy plaid and pearl necklaces, it was quite the walk down fashion memory lane. And, of course, how could we forget the iconic headbands? Jenna certainly wasn't letting anyone off the hook during her nostalgic roast - and TBH, we couldn't get enough of it! We weren't the only ones who thought so, with dozens of fans feeling personally called out by the dig. "How DARE you," one user joked, with another adding, "I'm a millennial who never watched GG until this year, and now sooo much makes sense to me about fashion of that era lol. I see where it came from."

You can catch this viral video for yourself above, in addition to other hilarious clips from Jenna. And, of course, be sure to check back soon for more LOL-worthy content trending online.

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