Jason Momoa Honors Hawaiian Heritage in Raunchy Interview


| LAST UPDATE 11/13/2022

By Rylee Wise
Jason Momoa Jimmy Kimmel
Leon Bennett/WireImage via Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Live! audiences got quite the show earlier this week when Jason Momoa came on the talk show to promote his upcoming Netflix film, Slumberland. Not only did we get to see Momoa being his beautiful self, rocking his purple satin matching set and pink velvet duster that he actually wore in the film, but we got to see a little BTS of what happens under the garments as well! Let's take a closer look.

During his conversation with Kimmel, the talk show host hilariously pulled out a photo from Momoa's Instagram of Aquaman himself going fishing while wearing a traditional Hawaiian garment, the Hawaiian Malo. Kimmel jokingly pointed out that he, too, goes fishing but is typically much more clothed than Momoa was. LOL. However, he explained to Kimmel that he's getting into character for his upcoming role in Apple's limited series, Chief of War, which takes place in Hawaii around the 1780s and 1790; and to do so, he wears the thong-style loin cloth every single day. 

Jason Momoa movie slumberland
 Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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So, after Kimmel asked the star if he was wearing the Malo, Momoa simply responded, "Of course." And to prove his point, The Game of Thrones alum decided to take off his garments and give the audience (and Jimmy) a little fashion show. Momoa stripped down, showing off the Malo, which basically replaces modern underwear - and did a little 360 spin for everyone to see what he's working with! "I actually don't even like wearing clothes anymore," he said. "I'm in it every day. I wear it all the time." In addition to creating the limited series, Momoa is also an executive producer and star, so we definitely can't wait to catch those eight episodes!

Anyways, make sure to catch Momoa in his latest (and first comedy), SlumberlandThe film follows a young girl, Marlow Barkley, who finds a secret map to the magical world of Slumberland, and with the help of Momoa, they go on a journey together to see her late father. The film is available on Netflix November 18 - and is now in a few select theatres!

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