Husband Goes Viral After Recognizing Mia Khalifa


| LAST UPDATE 07/08/2022

By Zoe Browning
mia khalifa birkin bag
@lyamariella via Instagram

Lya Melendez and her husband Nickolas Jasper were out to dinner enjoying their Summer vacation in Paris when all of a sudden, they noticed a familiar face across their room. Unfortunately, Nickolas's reaction wasn't what Lya had expected. But luckily for her, his apology gift was worth it. Here's what went down.

Right as Lya and Nickolas were about to get up from their dinner table, they saw Mia Khalifia seated nearby to them. You know... the former p*** star, internet personality, and OnlyFans model. Immediately Nickolas began to fangirl, since he was completely star-struck that Mia was right in front of his eyes. He reacted so fast that he didn't even notice his wife, sitting in front of him, was not happy. Lya even had time to pull out her phone and film an entire Tiktok about the situation. In it, she can be seen drinking a glass of wine and being visibly upset, as she continuously rolls her eyes. "POV: You're in Paris having dinner with your husband, and he spots Mia Khalifa, gets way too excited about it, and proceeds to text all his guy friends," she teased on top of the video.

mia khalifa viral tiktok
@lyamariella via Instagram
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The clip instantly went mega-viral on the social media app. Many found it hilarious, while others were also upset at how Lya's husband reacted. But one user reassured Lya that Mia would most likely also not be happy to hear about this situation. "To be fair, Mia would probably be really upset to hear u were treated that way." And she was right! Mia herself ended up seeing the video and commented, "Girl, my man was on his phone the whole time, I say we throw them all away and go shopping tomorrow." Lya responded to her joke, saying they should go to the Hermes store across the street from the restaurant they were at. To which Mia said, "Good, he owes you a Birkin."

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To everyone's surprise, Nickolas took Mia's joke and turned it into reality! He really went and got his wife a luxurious Birkin bag to apologize for his uncool behavior. It was a happy ending for all, and the three of them even got together at the Paris restaurant to film hilarious TikTok content. In one video Mia and Lya can be seen "christening" the purse and naming Mai its godmother. LOL. later on, Lya revealed to Buzzfeed, "I want to corroborate all the nice things people say about her," she gushed over Mia. "She was not just sweet and easygoing, but she had depth and character, too. We both felt like we made a friend that day."

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