29+ Hilarious Vanity Plates


| LAST UPDATE 04/17/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan

An entertaining vanity plate can add lighthearted humor to any day. We've compiled a list of some of the funniest plates spotted across the country. And there are certainly some interesting drivers on the road...

The Confident One

It appears this driver knows their Smart Car can fit into almost any spot. For those watching this driver wriggle their way into a spot the size of a square, their license plate is letting everyone know, well, they've got this.

Smart Car Funny JokesSmart Car Funny Jokes
U/krunchyLeaves via Reddit

As much as we admire the confidence, we can't help but picture the awkwardness that arises when this driver unsuccessfully attempts to fit into a spot and holds up traffic while doing so. They eventually drive away after realizing it's not going to happen. Yikes.

The Dark One

Not sure this is the most appropriate license plate for a funeral car, but hey, we didn't write it! The family of a lost one typically follows the funeral car to the cemetery, so we can't imagine they won't be too pleased when they read "U R Next" on the vehicle in front.

Funny License Plates ViralFunny License Plates Viral
U/Blargsnarg via Reddit

It may be the funeral arranger's idea of a good laugh, but we're not sure offending funeral-goers is the best way to go about things. This driver might be scoring some laughs from nearby passengers, but something tells us their client(s) will not be recommending them to their friends.

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The Stater of the Obvious

This driver has taken the "no-frill" approach to Vanity Plates. No, they didn't sit for hours pondering over the application form and coming up with a quirky pun to catch the eye of their fellow drivers. Instead, they've gone for a matter-of-fact attitude - and we're kinda digging it.

Car Humor, License PlateCar Humor, License Plate
@itsfunnyphilly via Instagram

It may not be the most exciting, but they're sure never to forget it. They just described their car, and hey presto, they've just stated their license plate too! On the downside, if they're ever on the run, all the police need to do is put out a simple description, and someone's sure to spot them!

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The Over Polite One

How can anyone get mad at this driver for swerving in front of them? They said, "Excuse me!" This driver knows the drill. Politeness goes a long way, and they're hoping it will even help them get away with their swerving. Oh, and maybe a broken headlight too?

License Plate Funny SightingsLicense Plate Funny Sightings
U/hamburgerthievery via Reddit

Fun fact: Texas has the fastest speed limit in the country at 85mph on certain roads. With speeds like that, it's unlikely there is much politeness going on. Blink, and one can miss just about any signal. This license plate is sure to help this driver stand out among the crowds!

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The Elon Musk Wannabe

This one is open to interpretation. This driver may be simply mocking those who cannot afford the luxuries of a Tesla and are behind on the times with their basic oil-using cars. Alternatively, it could be just an environmentally friendly driver, trying to spread the word of their world-saving, forward-thinking ways.

Tesla Elon MuskTesla Elon Musk
U/_olalof via Reddit

The Tesla car runs on electricity over traditional fuel, and this driver is clearly passionate about its powers. We understand, we do. However, with Teslas ranging in prices from $94,990 – $129,990, it's (ever so slightly) above our pay-grade. Donate us one, and we will happily get on board!

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The Hungry One

It's the most traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish. And apparently, this driver is such a fan that they had to make sure the whole of Ohio knew about it. Their grandma would be proud. Or maybe this is even Grandma's car? We support this message as long as the car doesn't smell of gefilte fish.

License Plate, Car HumorLicense Plate, Car Humor
@funnyohiolicenseplates via Instagram

We've seen many food-themed license plates before, but this is certainly a first. This fish dish translated from Yiddish as "stuffed fish" is an acquired taste with its rather unique texture. But we're not here to judge. Each to their own. Though we are feeling hungry right about now.

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The DIY Genius

This driver loves IKEA. They can build it all with just a hammer and a simple instruction booklet. Closets, Beds, Desks. We're not sure if they are advertising their construction services or just a lover of the store. If it's the latter, who's to blame them? The IKEA hot dog is a winner.

Ikea Vanity PlateIkea Vanity Plate
@shittyplates via Instagram

And for all those wondering, yes, IKEA is an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. So, of course, it is totally possible that this driver has just named the car after themselves, Ingvar Junior, and they don't even own a screwdriver... Perhaps we'll never know.

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The Forgetful One

This driver's partner gave them a detailed shopping list for the grocery store. It seems they've returned home, having forgotten the most important thing on the list, and their partner is not happy. They've been given a second chance, and they cannot fail again... what was it again?!

Funny License PlatesFunny License Plates
@_sonofagunn_ _via Instagram

"I'll just make it my vanity plate, and then there's no way I'll forget again," the driver probably assumed. I mean, it's just practical sense, really. BRE4D, M1LK, D14PER5. We're surprised we don't see grocery list items on vanity plates more often...

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Mr. Relatable

This driver wants us to know they're there. They can relate to anything we're going through. Whatever morning thoughts we ponder while we sit behind them in the rush hour traffic, they've been there. Whatever scandalous thing we're sitting regretting doing the night before, they've been there.

Relatable Vanity PlatesRelatable Vanity Plates
@mary_bozaan _ via Instagram

And what more could we ask for? Relatable people are the best kind of people. They make us feel a little better about ourselves, and sometimes that's all we need as we go on with our lives. Thank ya, red Civic driver. We see ya, and we appreciate ya.

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The Commitment-Phobe

This one has an obvious motive. This driver wants us to know they're available and not held down by anything. Want to jet off to Paris for the weekend? Sure! Stay out till sunrise? Not a problem! In case anyone forgets, they have no kids and no responsibilities.

Vanity Plate, License PlateVanity Plate, License Plate
U/CBUSraver via Reddit

It's also worth pointing out the very fitting car, which is far from family-friendly. If there even is a back seat, it definitely cannot fit a car seat. It's flashy and red and sure to impress. Who can blame them for not wanting kids to ruin it with their snack crumbs and sticky fingers?!

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The Master-Mind

It's genius, really. They sell hummus. They want people to buy hummus. So why not have the word staring at people their whole way home. It's called 'subtle mind trickery' for a reason. They'll have people salivating for hummus by the time they get home, and they are not even sure why...

License Plate Funny ViralLicense Plate Funny Viral
@estaeslacuentadeleo via Instagram

Either that or this driver happened to receive the HUMMUS license plate by chance and thought, why not make an entire business out of it? He's already got the customized plate! After all, isn't that how everyone chooses their line of work nowadays?! Just us?

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The Devout One

This one made us do a double take. Maybe this morning, this driver found the perfect parking spot right outside the DMV office and feels extra grateful. Not sure if God accepts I O U's, but we're sure the sentiment is appreciated! And we love to see it.

Car Humor, License PlateCar Humor, License Plate
@yeahwerner via Instagram

If this driver plans on paying God back for the favor, this is definitely an excellent way to announce it and hold themselves accountable. I mean, they've now told the whole neighborhood they would go to church this Sunday. So now they have to, right?

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The Denier

Now we are even more suspicious that there is cake within this vehicle. We all know those "no cash is kept on the premises" signs on storefronts. Well, this reminds us of that one. This driver seems to want us to reaaaallyyy believe there is no cake on board. We're not quite falling for it.

License Plate, Vanity PlateLicense Plate, Vanity Plate
@saradow11 via Instagram

Because we are always here to give the benefit of the doubt, we have come up with an alternative theory. This driver has set themself a new year's resolution to stop eating so much cake. The vanity plate is their daily reminder of this goal. We support ya!

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The Cheerleader

This driver is the ultimate best friend. They are there for their friends and happy to provide positive affirmations upon request. So if anyone finds themselves behind this vehicle and debating whether they can handle that parallel park, they need to look no further than this vehicle for all the encouragement necessary.

Cheerleader, Vanity PlatesCheerleader, Vanity Plates
@Plateupdates via Instagram

And, of course, the beautiful sparkle surrounding the license plate cannot go unmentioned. Fitting for any Bachelorette or Sweet 16 party, this driver's ride is available to help any lucky rider arrive in style. Throw in an extra 20, and the driver will even wear a tiara. Yasss Queen.

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The Farmer

This driver is a passionate farmer and goes nowhere without their beloved farm animals. LOL. Just like those 'baby on board' car signs, they're letting other drivers know their pet goat is on board, and therefore extra cautious driving is requested from the surrounding vehicles.

Funny Vanity PlatesFunny Vanity Plates
@camouflagehologram via Instagram

We were kinda joking at first, but looking at the picture up close, there does seem to be a goat-shaped figure looking through the back window. Wait, what??? Now we have so many more questions. Doesn't he need some sort of wooden cart for that? Is it wearing a seat belt?

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The Dentist

It's their famous catch-phrase that brings dread to many dentist-phobes across the globe. The dentists do not understand the anxiety we feel as we obediently open our mouths wide and expose our teeth to the judgment of their bright light and magnifying mirror.

License Plate, Car HumorLicense Plate, Car Humor
@punnyfunnylicenseplates via Instagram

Although we're sure there was no ill-intent, we would rather keep the words "open wide" confined to the walls of the dentist's clinic room. It's also possible this dentist is gently reminding us all to get our teeth checked, and we guess we can't be angry about that! Oral hygiene is important, kids!

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The Harry Potter Fan

This driver LOVES Harry Potter, and they've even taken the online Pottermore house quiz to prove it. Clearly a Ravenclaw and proud, this driver has decided to publicly pledge their loyalty. Let's hope they don't get a speeding ticket; otherwise, Ravenclaw may lose some serious house points!!

Harry Potter, Vanity PlateHarry Potter, Vanity Plate
U/willowfield via Reddit

To make matters funnier, the car's owner explained that someone left a note to let them know they believed the sorting hat had made the wrong decision. "Your license plate says Ravenclaw, but your jeep says Hufflepuff," read the note. LOL. To each their own, we guess.

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The Evil Laugher

It's the wicked laugh the movie villain lets out after drafting their master evil plan to ambush the movie's protagonist or overthrow the king. So, excuse us if we get a little nervous driving behind this guy. Did we just watch too many Disney movies as kids? What's he planning?!

License Plate, Vanity PlateLicense Plate, Vanity Plate
U/PrestoMovie via Reddit

We reckon countless drivers have been held up behind this driver and found themselves practicing their evil laugh out loud to themselves. We just did it too, and we scared ourselves a little! May be best to stay clear of this vehicle. Proceed with caution, folks.

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The Player

This driver seems to have options. Perhaps they're playing the field, and they're not afraid to let people know. We're unsure if they have multiple partners in their life or just a very intense and unusual relationship with their car. Maybe we'll never know.

License Plate, Car HumorLicense Plate, Car Humor
@_stillestilo via Instagram

As much as we appreciate this up-front approach, we may be hesitant to jump in if our date drove by to pick us up in that vehicle. Are we really ready for that sort of arrangement? They do say honesty is the best policy, but also ignorance is bliss. Right?

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The Doctor

Something tells us this driver may not be a doctor of human medicine. Still super impressive, though. Who doesn't love a good pun? Clearly, this doctor understands that laughter is the best medicine, and dogs are no exception to this rule. It's paw-sible this dogtor has some other dog puns up their sleeve...

Veterinarian, License PlateVeterinarian, License Plate
@licenseplates_oftheoc Instagram

They're obviously very paw-ssionate about dogs! (Okay, we'll stop now). Seriously though, if that is their business name, we are impressed. It's quick and sticks to the minds of passing drivers. Next time we have a pup-emergency, we know who we will be calling!

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The Self-Aware One

This picture could not be more perfect, honestly. It's like a flawlessly captioned meme. It's not this driver's fault they found themselves left upside down on the side of the road. They told us they were clumsy. At least they warned us they were a hazard to the road!

Car Humor, License PlateCar Humor, License Plate
KristenMosuch via Imgur

As long as everyone escaped unscathed, we hope they won't mind us feeling amused by the irony. The police don't even need to ask what happened. They know who they are, and there is no apologizing. We always appreciate a self-aware driver (or car in this case)!

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The Confused One

When the DMV asked this driver what they wanted their license plate to be, they were unsure. "Lol, IDK," perhaps they replied. It seems the DMV guy was a little too literal and instantly processed the response. Oops... We can't help but laugh out loud at the sighting.

Vanity Plate,  License PlateVanity Plate,  License Plate
@gil-slicenseplategurl via Instagram

An alternate theory is this driver is just generally confused in life and wants us all to understand their constant struggle. If we're questioning their driving or destination, so are they. To be honest, there is nothing we can relate to more. Though we hope our driver gets the clarity they seemingly crave.

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The Royalist

Prince Harry? We can probably assume this driver is a massive Royal Family fan. In particular, the ultimate princess, Lady Diana. This driver is making sure no one forgets her and all the greatness she achieved. Princess Diana touched thousands of lives, and this car has touched thousands of roads...

Royals, License Plate, FunnyRoyals, License Plate, Funny
@itsfunnyphilly via Instagram

But it appears this driver put more thought into their ride than simply their plate. As a matter of fact, the car's 'royal blue' shade helps us to understand this driver's urging desire to name their Lexus after one of the royals. LDY DI, QU33N 3, W1LL5. Any of those would have worked!

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The OJ Lookalike

Most of us have seen the infamous OJ Simpson car chase. OJ in the back of a white Ford Bronco with the police anxiously tailing behind. This driver assumes we've seen it, and they've had enough of all the fanfare. It may be the exact same car, but no, it's not OJ, so please stop asking.

OJ Simpson, Ford BroncoOJ Simpson, Ford Bronco
U/Working4TheSkinTrade via Reddit

It's possible the driver doesn't want to be pulled over by the police or paparazzi. Surely though, when one purchases a white Ford Bronco, they likely know what they're getting themselves in for. Were there just no other colors available? So many questions.

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The Giant Kid

They may have gone out of business back in 2018, but this driver is still holding onto their childhood dreams. Remember those wide aisles full of every toy a kid could desire? Well, this driver remembers it well and is not willing to let that memory die.

Funny Vanity PlateFunny Vanity Plate
@lanadelslayer_ via Instagram

As long as this car is an actual real-life-size car and not one of those red and yellow toy cars that Toys-R-Us had lined up in their stores for the kids to ride around the aisles in, we will let this driver clutch on to the memory. After all, we're all giant kids at heart.

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The Smooth Talker

It seems this driver is one of those people who believes that as long as they're friendly, they can talk their way out of anything. We're not sure that being over-friendly with the police officer will get them out of that parking ticket, but we applaud the attempt!

License Plate Funny SightingLicense Plate Funny Sighting
@camouflagehologram via Instagram

And if that doesn't work, there's always the chance that the police officer driving behind on the road cracks a smile at the sighting. As far as we're concerned, there might just be no better way than a customised plate to thank them for their public service...

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The One With All the Answers

What was life before Google? It's almost hard to remember. Google has all the answers, and so does this driver. It seems this driver wants us to believe they are all-knowing and here for us any time of the day or night - with all our mysterious medical symptoms that we have no choice but to look up at 2 a.m.

Google, License Plate FunnyGoogle, License Plate Funny
U/zwozze via Reddit

Want to stalk an ex or even check the weather? Instead of typing it into that trusty search bar, just ask this driver! The other plausible option is that this is one of those cool self-driving google cars. Not sure they are sponsored by Volvo, though...

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The Manifester

Yes, we are all familiar with the current Covid reality. Most of us thought it would be over within a few months, and yet, almost two years later, here we still are. Well, based on the looks of this picture, it seems this driver has found a solution.

Car Humor License PlatesCar Humor License Plates
@agrameroldoctane via Instagram

It appears this driver is manifesting their way out of the Pandemic. They say that's all it takes to turn dreams into reality. Say it with conviction, and it will come true. "No Covid, No Covid. No Covid." In all seriousness, we applaud this driver for keeping things light during these trying times.

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The One Who’s Got It All Figured Out

This driver's got it all figured out for their next trip to Mexico, and it seems they've even got a VIP pass straight through border control. They wrote this on the front of their car, so who wouldn't take their word for it? How did no one think of this before?

Funny License Plate ViralFunny License Plate Viral
@lewismickey1 via Instagram

We know we are not the border patrol, but even we can assume that this over-statement of innocence is likely to make any vehicle look more guilty. It's almost like they wrote "look at me" on their license plate. We guess we'll have to wait and see how this one works out...

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The Movie Fanatic

"It's Greased Lightnin!" Oh no, wait, it's a Dodge. Does this driver have the false belief that their car can fly like the famous Grease convertible? Probably, but no one has the heart to tell them otherwise. We hate to be the one delivering the harsh truths, but it's not even the same color!

Grease, License PlatesGrease, License Plates
@vanityfanity via Instagram

And also, just in case anyone gets confused and thinks the driver is referring to the sequel, Grease 2 – it seems this driver is making sure to point out they are referring exclusively to Grease. They are hopelessly devoted to John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John - as are we!

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