29+ Hilarious Wedding Cakes Gone Wrong


| LAST UPDATE 04/03/2022

By Dina Wu

Wedding cakes: a traditional way to wish the best of luck to newlywed couples. But sometimes, disaster strikes before they even get to serve the customary dessert. Here are some LOL-worthy wedding cake mishaps.

The "Gold" Cake

This bride's "gold" cake looks a little rusty for such a prestigious metal. One guess on Reddit was that the baker got confused between "gold cake" and "guacamole cake." Not the best day to mix the two up!

Golden Wedding Cake FailGolden Wedding Cake Fail
Reddit via wflancaster19

But it seems that the whole thing ended in good fun, since the original poster on Reddit commented, "Big sis had little sis bake the cake to save a few bucks. She’s normally a pretty talented baker, just struck out with this one. Everybody just had a big laugh about it, and no feeling we’re hurt!"

The TP Cake

Some of us remember the messy fights that took place in the supermarkets when the whole country went under lockdown. Shoppers were hoarding piles of groceries, fearing they wouldn't know when they would be able to leave their houses again. And naturally, one of the most popular items on Americans' shopping lists was toilet paper!

Wedding Cake Toilet PaperWedding Cake Toilet Paper
Imgur via LaMerMerci

Inspired by one of the commodities that became scarce during the spring of 2020, this couple opted for a toilet paper-shaped wedding cake. It looks like the baker was meticulous about too, perfecting it down to every crease on the patterned squares. Kudos!

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The Zombie Cake

This couple really said, "till death do us part" when they displayed their wedding cake at the reception. The four-tiered cake shows a scene where three zombies attempt to climb up the cake, starting from the bottom layer. At the top stand the bride and groom, back to back.

Wedding Cake Zombie MishapWedding Cake Zombie Mishap
Reddit via blazze_eternal

The cake is covered in traces of red liquid, conveying a rather spooky message for a dessert that's supposed to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. But if this is the couple's way of saying "through thick and thin," then we're definitely glad they went for it!

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The Wedding Night Cake

The bride and groom at this wedding made sure not to sugarcoat (no pun intended) what they believed the night after their wedding ceremony would like. The top tier of the wedding cake shows the bride, still in her wedding dress, passed out on the bed and the groom looking rather glum.

Bride Groom Bed Cake Bride Groom Bed Cake
Reddit via Keithsheath

The bright side of this is that there probably will be no disappointments about how the night may go. This bride certainly isn't the only one who pictured wrapping up her wedding celebrations by giving out before she's even changed out of her dress. According to Reddit users, this scene is totally relatable.

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The Social Distancing Cake

Getting married in the era of Covid-19 can't be an easy thing to do. With almost every event we plan these days, we have more and more guidelines to follow. Whether it's negative Covid tests, social distancing, or masks to match our outfits, there's always something extra to worry about.

Social Distancing Wedding Cake Social Distancing Wedding Cake
Instagram via @ vemiks_slatkarnica

This couple was determined to capture it all in the cake they served at their wedding. The cake features the bride and groom standing on either side of a sign that reads "2 meters." To make it even funnier, they are both wearing masks, and the bride is holding a stop sign, presumably to emphasize the importance of social distancing.

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The "Sumo Wrestler" Cake

This bride really put in the extra hard work to add a personal touch to her wedding cake. She took matters into her own hands, and decided to create the figures of the bride and groom herself to add to the top of the cake. Here's a little peek at how that went.

Hilariously Bad Wedding CakeHilariously Bad Wedding Cake
Reddit via plutchina

She posted the 'expectation vs. reality' photo on Reddit, saying, "We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. I turned out to be a pregnant sumo wrestler." But it looks like everything turned out alright, as she commented, "I decided that we better share a laugh with the wedding party over it!"

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The "Wax Figure" Cake

This couple had to wait until their wedding day to receive the bad news: the figures that would go on top of the wedding cake didn't quite resemble the bride and groom themselves. That's quite a snag to have to face on the most important day of your life!

Funny Terrible Wedding Cake Funny Terrible Wedding Cake
Reddit via Zsuzsifer

But at least it looks like they're having fun! The figure of the bride is smiling (showing a lot more teeth than the bride herself probably expected!). She holds a video game controller, and the groom kneels beside her with a can of Pepsi in his hand, looking content.

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The "Buck" Cake

Although a bit unusual for a wedding, this cake really is a unique way to say, "I love you, 'deer!'" The Shady Maple Farm Market posted this photo of their masterpiece on their Facebook page, crediting their Cake Directing supervisor, Pam McNeal. And honestly, it looks legit.

Deer Shaped Wedding CakeDeer Shaped Wedding Cake
Facebook via Shady Maple Farm Market

Users in the comments section found the cake quite amusing, calling Pam McNeal a "talented woman." Although it looks like it may have been a bit difficult to cut, we're positive the guests at the wedding reception probably loved the work of art as well.

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The G-A-S Cake

Talk about an unfortunate combination of initials! This couple decided to style their wedding cake with the abbreviation of their first names separated by the word "and." But, it could be said with some certainty that they probably didn't think the idea all the way through.

GAS Wedding Cake FailGAS Wedding Cake Fail
Facebook via Cake Wrecks

Unfortunately, the result was a fancily decorated cake, laced with pearls and flowers, with the letters G-A-S displayed boldly on the front. Although it may be a bit too late, perhaps reversing the order of the letters to S-A-G may have helped avoid the awkward outcome.

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The Hamburger Cake

Being quarantined during the many 2020 lockdowns inspired people to do spontaneous things. This couple, who decided to elope during quarantine, is just one example. They posted this photo of the wedding rings on their hands, along with a peculiar choice of cake to celebrate.

Funny Elopement Hamburger CakeFunny Elopement Hamburger Cake
Reddit via forgotten_weasley

The couple chose a hamburger-shaped cake to honor their marriage. Every detail of the edible masterpiece was perfected, down to the sesame seeds on the top bun. The cake was laid on a silver plate with the words 'Just Married' written in red frosting on it.

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The Peacock Cake

This couple sent a baker the photo of a wedding cake they wanted to imitate. It was a three-tiered white cake, topped by a blue peacock, whose "tail feathers" consisted of tens of cupcakes. Each cupcake had a layer of frosting in the style of the blue and green "eyes" on a peacock's tail.

Peacock Wedding Cake DisasterPeacock Wedding Cake Disaster
Facebook via Annette Davis Hill

Much to their dismay, the cake didn't quite turn out to resemble what the bride and groom were initially promised. For one thing, the top tier of the cake appears to be tilting to the side, as though about to slide off. The bird itself also doesn't exactly look like your typical peacock. Well, at least it's funny!

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The Sloppy Cake

It's a bit difficult to tell if the original design of this cake was poorly executed, or if the person received an entirely different cake than the one they ordered. The original cake is decorated with berries, green leaves, and small white flowers, which seem not to have made it to the cake that was delivered to the bride and groom.

Wedding Cake Ordered DeliveredWedding Cake Ordered Delivered
Reddit via JalapenoLife

This baker was either in a hurry or accidentally forgot the cake outside the fridge, leaving the white frosting covering the layers of cake to melt. Although the original photo showed a neatly layered cylinder-shaped cake, the cake that was delivered has several messy tiers stacked on top of one another.

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The Computer Game Cake

Video games ruin marriages: fact or fiction? Some researchers have found that some men enjoy spending time playing video games more than they do with their wives. Apparently, this bride wouldn't completely disagree with those statistics, and her wedding cake shows it.

Bride Dragging Groom CakeBride Dragging Groom Cake
Reddit via florispaghett

This couple didn't hesitate to give their guests a glimpse of what they thought their wedding night might look like. The topper of the cake shows the bride dragging the groom away from the computer, where he seems to have been playing a computer game. At least they have a good sense of humor about it!

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The Rice Krispies Cake

Whoever came up with the idea for this wedding cake is probably a bit nostalgic for their childhood. The four-tiered cake is made primarily of Rice Krispies Treats and decorated with rolls of Fruit Roll-Ups creatively designed in the shapes of roses and leaves.

Krispy Roll-Up Wedding CakeKrispy Roll-Up Wedding Cake
Reddit via ilikebreakfastcereal

Although this candy-cake may have been a bit difficult to cut into slices, we can be sure that this couple could probably easily preserve the top tier for quite a while. The bride and groom certainly saved a lot of money when they decided on this cake for their wedding!

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The Cake With(out?) Roses

This bride didn't really get the rosy wedding cake she had originally asked for. The photo shows the picture she sent to the baker, and the actual cake that was delivered to her instead. Although the color of the frosting may appear a bit duller in the photo because of the lighting, the absence of the roses is unmistakable.

Unexpectedly Bad Wedding Cake Unexpectedly Bad Wedding Cake
Reddit via juads

The picture on the screen of the phone shows three layers of roses, starting with a dark pink color at the bottom, a lighter one in the middle, and a white one on top. Instead, the bride received a cake with frosting slathered onto two tiers: one pink and the other white. Talk about awkward.

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The Castle Cake

We know not to rely too much on the images that are usually "for illustration purposes only," but this wedding cake took that quote to the next level. The bride posted the 'expectation vs. reality' photo on Reddit, pointing out that the towers didn't exactly turn out as she had hoped.

Wedding Castle Cake  FailWedding Castle Cake  Fail
Facebook via Brides of Hampton Roads

She commented on her wedding cake, saying, "The cake was cracked, falling over, and did not have the flavors we asked for so the taste was unknown." But it looks like at least some of her guests found it amusing, and a lot of Facebook users certainly did, too.

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The Tire Cake

This "tire tiered cake" is one of the more unusual wedding cakes we've come across. It appears the couple had originally asked for three tires stacked on top of one another, colored with black frosting. But it looks like the cake that was delivered to them may have turned out to look even more realistic than they had planned.

wedding cake fail funnywedding cake fail funny
Reddit via Unik0rn

The cake in the photo on the right looks like a pile of worn-out tires. The tiers are bent, a bit crooked, and even the frosting has the color of used tires! Whether it was a mistake or completely intentional, the result is arguably an impressive work of art.

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The Cake That Was Probably Dropped

When the bride ordered this cake for her wedding, she probably didn't expect this fiasco to be delivered for the big event. The design she requested has elegant white "satin" and is adorned with big, pale pink roses. Instead, she received a messy pile of cake that looks like it was tossed around for a bit before delivery.

Delivered Wedding Cake DestroyedDelivered Wedding Cake Destroyed
Reddit via LunchInABoxx

In the comments section on the Reddit post, some speculated that that's exactly what happened. One person wrote, "The baker apparently put the cake in a large storage container then drove an hour and a half to the venue and delivered this monstrosity." We sure hope the couple was able to have a laugh at the whole thing!

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The Skunk Cake

This bride and groom decided on a woodland-themed cake for their special day. And instead of adding the decorations to the cake itself, this couple decided to assemble them all around it. On the table beside the cake is a skunk-shaped dessert on a wooden board, candles, orange flowers, and what seems to be a tree branch.

wedding cake ugly failwedding cake ugly fail
Reddit via ilovemyking

An interesting twist to the decorations is the skunk spray that seems to shoot out right onto the otherwise blank cake. The spray stains the cake with a reddish-brown color, instead of yellow. Although a few things about the wedding cake lack a bit of explanation, we still hope the guests enjoyed it!

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The Black, White, and Purple Cake

An interesting surprise awaited this bride and groom when they had their wedding cake delivered to them. Although the number of tiers and stripes of the cake were (technically) correct, the colors of the stripes were just one thing that seemed a bit off. Instead of pink, white, and brown stripes, the cake was black, white and purple.

Wedding Cake Wrong OrderWedding Cake Wrong Order
Facebook via Cake Wrecks

And the colors weren't the only thing that the baker got wrong. The stripes on the delivered cake appear to be uneven, unlike the neatly wrapped ones in the original photo. The pink flower decorations that were added to the cake the couple requested also seem to be missing from the one they received.

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The Polar Bear Cake

A chopped-off polar bear arm that looks like it's bleeding where it got severed? This couple is probably not one you want to mess with. Their wedding cake possibly frightened a few of their guests, but perhaps that was the plan all along (as a joke, of course!).

funny wedding cake weirdfunny wedding cake weird
Reddit via ulyssesmcgill

The cake is made up of two rectangular-shaped blocks and is covered with a thick layer of coconut shavings. It appears they added jelly to resemble the bloody area where the arm would have met the shoulder. The couple didn't forget to add the little details, either, complete with the claws on the arm and an interesting-looking knife.

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The T-Bone Cake

To those of you who are meat-lovers, this is one wedding cake you're likely to get a kick out of! And compared to the relatively tiny Coca-Cola can in the background, it looks like it's a pretty large chunk of cake as well! The baker was even sure to decorate the T-bone cake with green herbs placed on and around the it.

viral wedding cake failsviral wedding cake fails
Reddit via nikdahl

The bride posted the photo on Reddit, captioning it, "I just wanted to share a pic from my Grooms cake from my wedding." It's hard to tell if she was happy about this choice or if she only went along with it for her now-husband. But we're hoping there were a few meat-lovers among the guest who enjoyed the steak-shaped cake.

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The Fairy Tale Cake

Maybe not all fairy tales come true, but at least once in a while they might pop up unexpectedly on wedding cakes. This couple went for a Shrek-themed dessert for their wedding, with figures inspired by the characters Fiona (in ogre form) and Donkey.

Fiona Donkey Wedding CakeFiona Donkey Wedding Cake
Facebook via Cakes From Beyond

'Cakes from Beyond' posted the photo of the cake on Facebook, calling it "By far [their] favourite project [they've] done." Users in the comments section reacted with enthusiasm, praising her work and calling it a "job well done." The cake undoubtedly had a few admirers at the wedding as well!

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The "Wiser Wedding" Cake

Uh-oh! Many of us have experienced a "broken telephone" where we hear and pass on information incorrectly. But in this case, the result turned out to be a sentence you'd rather not read on your wedding cake - and that's precisely what makes it a bit funny.

Wedding Cake Wrong TextWedding Cake Wrong Text
Reddit via TotallyNotARobot2

The words on the cake were supposed to read "Wiser Wedding." Instead, the bride and groom received a cake asking, "Why's There A Wedding?" The couple may have had some explaining to do to a few of their wedding guests, but perhaps they had a good laugh about it as well.

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The Oyster Cake

A wedding cake covered in shellfish isn't something you see every day. And oysters specifically - commonly believed to be an aphrodisiac - are an interesting choice of decor for a wedding cake. SweetArt, who uploaded the cake to their Facebook page, called them 'Edible Sugar Oysters.'

ugly wedding cake failsugly wedding cake fails
Facebook via sweetart

The cake consists of four tiers, covered with white frosting and fancy stripes. At the bottom of every tier are a few oysters added all around its circumference, with one on the top of the cake as well. In total, there are at least a dozen of these sugary pieces, which are designed with so much detail that you could probably mistake them to be real!

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The Half-Eaten Cake

You probably wouldn't expect your wedding cake to be delivered with a huge chunk of it missing from the top. Unfortunately, this couple found the upper half of it cut out, revealing the chocolate inside of the cake. Not the best way to present it to the guests.

Pink Failed Wedding CakePink Failed Wedding Cake
Instagram via @trash.hog

The two-tiered cake, covered in pink and white frosting, seems to have been delivered in an aluminum wrap. Imagine waiting for your big day and unwrapping your wedding cake only to find it incomplete! We sure hope they were able to do some damage control in time for the reception!

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The Fast Food Cake

Most of us know the feeling of waiting eagerly for our fast food to be delivered after we hit the "order now" button on our phones. This bride and groom seem to have wanted to recreate that feeling on their wedding day. Their cake is made in the shape of fried chicken with fries and dips on the side.

Patties Fries Wedding CakePatties Fries Wedding Cake
Reddit via teaton67

It may not have been an easy task to serve this cake at their wedding, since the cake was made of small shapes like French fries. But hopefully, the guests were entertained by the idea of a fast-food wedding cake. Creativity certainly knows no bounds!

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The "Cake Fail" Cake

The fact that this couple purposely ordered a "cake fail" for their wedding tells us that they definitely have a sense of humor. A bakery tweeted the photo of the cake, along with the backstory of what their customers asked for, and added the question, "how did we do?"

Wedding Cake Intentional FailWedding Cake Intentional Fail
Twitter via @gardnersbakery

The top tier of the cake is covered in swirls of yellow frosting, which look like 'failed attempts' at roses. The bottom tier makes it even funnier: on a background of white frosting, the baker wrote, "Our names on it" in pink, surrounded by hearts of the same color. A successful wedding cake fail? We think so!

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The Driveway Cake

It looks like someone accidentally drove right off the highway and into this couple's wedding cake! The dessert has a rectangular base, at the end of which stands a round, three-tiered cake with a topper that reads "Palmer." Standing at the top of the cake are three figures: two children and a mother.

Mud Truck Wedding CakeMud Truck Wedding Cake
Reddit via inapproprievan

As part of the cake's design, the dessert has a toy truck plunged right into it, with brown frosting surrounding the plastic vehicle. What would have otherwise been a spotless, white cake has "muddy" frosting smeared onto it. The story behind the cake remains unclear, although we're now curious as to what it might be!

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The Battlefield Cake

This couple wished for a wedding cake that looked like a setting for a battle. The three-tiered cake has little figures of soldiers, some of which are holding weapons and trying to climb their way up. They seem to be attacking the bride and groom, who stand at the top of the tilted cake.

Wedding Cake Expectations RealityWedding Cake Expectations Reality
Reddit via bananaloutay

The cake they received instead doesn't really have the same elements as the setting in the original photo. Instead, it's laced with pink, and the bride and groom look a bit surprised, rather than troubled. The baker didn't exactly follow instructions for this one, but hey - all's fair in love and war, right?

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The Squished Wedding Cake

The triple-tiered beautiful white wedding cake is at the center of every wedding, but what happens if the wedding cake arrives ruined? Will the bride and Groom still be able to slice the cut together hand and half, feeding each other a little bit - and maybe even saving a slice to crack open a year later on their anniversary?

Horrible Wedding Cake FailsHorrible Wedding Cake Fails
Twitter via @scrubbedcleanRN

This bride took her Twitter to share the disaster behind her wedding cake, saying it was squished by the time they arrived. "It was not my driving, I swear. Can we just say that like rain, a smushed cake is lucky? Cuz if so, this marriage will truly last forever." We hope so!

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The Naked Cake

This one almost doesn't look half bad! But then you take a real look and realize the cake is unfinished. We understand creative liberties, but when it comes to a wedding cake, whatever the couple says just has to go, and this just went really poorly.

Horrible Wedding Cake FailsHorrible Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via u/puppyfever18

The couple was interested in a "naked cake" wedding design, meaning a cake that isn't fully covered in frosting - but this looks like the baker simply ran out of frosting and couldn't be bothered to whip up more! Not to mention the cake cost the couple a whopping $680.

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The Gender Reveal Cake

Although this cake looks delicious and well made, we're confused about how it made it to the wedding ceremony. At first glance, the wedding cake is giving off more gender reveal vibes than wedding day vibes, but hey, whatever the happy couple wants is whatever the happy couple gets.

Horrible Wedding Cake FailsHorrible Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via Luchador_En_Fuego

The bride uploaded this picture, stating it was her Groom'scake from the wedding and that it was an "overall swish." We're confused why the groom requested this specific cake, given that blue and pink usually represent a gender reveal, so maybe they're trying to say something here?

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BTS Inspired Cake

We all love a good boy band moment. From NSYNC to One Direction, there is nothing like jamming out to one's favorite breakup song sung by Harry Styles himself. But for this bride, it looks like her love for the boy band BTS has reached a whole new level.

Horrible Wedding Cake FailsHorrible Wedding Cake Fails
Twitter via @Mich3ll3DF

In this hilarious wedding cake, the bride is not ready to tie the knot with her man as her heart lays with the members of BTS. The wedding cake even features a photo of the band and the cake topper's shoe, the husband pulling the bride away from her ultimate crushes!

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At Home Wedding Cake

This couple decided they wanted to make their own wedding cake for the big day. While this sentiment is rather adorable, if neither the bride nor Groom have any cake-making experience, it could lead to a kitchen and wedding day disaster! And, well, let's just say the picture below says it all...

Horrible Wedding Cake FailsHorrible Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via u/dicedtomatoes

The couple was going for a birthday/wedding cake vibe. Between the candles at the top, white icing, pink dots, and yellow, we don't know what is at the top; it's safe to say the soon-to-be husband and wife may need to try a new recipe book to bring with them to the altar!

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