Heidi Klum Jokes About Her Secret to Youthfulness


| LAST UPDATE 08/17/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Since the 90s, Heidi Klum has been a top model. But of course, as with every person in the world, the older we get, the more we age. Yet somehow, the 49-year-old still looks the same as she did when she first started appearing on magazine covers! Typically these A-list celebrities use creams and lotions to get anti-aging treatments - but according to Heidi, she has a different hilarious trick up her sleeve. Here's how she stays so youthful.

Heidi married Tom Kaulitz in 2019, and for those who may not know, he is 17 years younger than his wife. Recently the model made a joke about his youth, claiming she drinks his blood, and that's how she herself is also able to maintain youthful energy. LOL. "I suck his young blood, is what I'm doing," she laughed in an interview with E! News Daily Pop. "Like a vampire!" It seems like Heidi was just making light of the situation that her hubby is younger - but since it is Hollywood, we can't really know if she's just joking about sucking his blood! After all, stars like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have previously admitted that they took part in drinking each other's blood. 

heidi klum tom kaulitz
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images
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When the latter couple got engaged earlier this year, they wrote in an Instagram post, "and then we drank each other's blood." But Megan made sure to clarify that it's "just a few drops," and they only do it "for ritual purposes only." So who knows… maybe Heidi and Tom take part in similar rituals? We can't know for sure. All we know is that this whole thing is pretty amusing whether or not it is real!

But besides drinking his, um, blood, Heidi recently shared that she and Tom have celebrated their third wedding anniversary together - and it seems like things are better than ever! "It flew by, but it feels like a lifetime already," Heidi confessed to the outlet. "I just know him so well. We just gel really well. I just feel like, 'Finally, I found the one.' So far so good. I hope it stays that way." Aww, we're happy to hear that! Stay tuned for more hilarious updates. But in the meantime, check out the rest of her interview here

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