The Crowd Goes Wild For Kate Middleton's 'Princess Shuffle'


| LAST UPDATE 04/27/2023

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Kate Middleton Princess Shuffle
Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images

No one said being a Princess is easy. With the cameras snapping your every move and the multiple public arrangements, it can be challenging to ensure you're always camera-ready. Luckily, Kate Middleton, the wife of King-to-be Prince William, is a pro. Ever since she married her university boyfriend in April 2011, Kate has proven to be a natural at the whole royal thing, effortlessly representing the family on numerous occasions. Over the years, the Princess of Wales has developed some smart techniques to ensure her appearances are smooth sailing and picture-perfect. One such example is the 'princess shuffle,' recently discovered by fans who just can't get enough.

In a recently uploaded TikTok video, the Princess, who has sensed a photograph is about to be taken, can be seen taking small, short steps to come closer to the people around her. As the video spread across the internet, fans couldn't get enough of the now-coined "Princess Shuffle." The innovative, subtle approach to moving closer to people has sparked joy as people praise the Princess and her hilarious royal ways.

Princess Wales Duchess Viral
LISELOTTE SABROE/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images
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Intrigued to see how far back this shuffle dates, fans have been digging through the royal footage archives and discovered numerous examples. A clear example can be seen in a video from February 2022 during the Princess's visit to Denmark. In the clip (see below), Kate is talking with Mary, the crown princess of Denmark, until the cameras appear. At once, she begins to smoothly close the gap between them. Despite her high heels, she lifts her feet off the ground just once and then twists sideways using her toes and heels.

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As for the reasoning behind this twisted dance, the comments section has been filled with potential explanations. Some believe she knows that a gap between her and her fellow Royals wouldn't be great for optics, so this is her casual solution to avoid that. Others speculated Kate has calculated her best angles and lighting and moves over subtly to ensure she's in the most photogenic spot. Whatever the reason may be, we love Kate, and we can't wait to give her shuffle a try!

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