Courtney Cox Hilariously Hits Back at ‘Friends’ Shade


| LAST UPDATE 09/09/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Kanye Instagram Courtney Cox
@courteneycoxofficial via Instagram

While the world doesn't seem to agree on much these days, one thing that doesn't tend to cause much of a stir is the strong cult following behind the hilarious sitcom Friends. Almost every room you walk into, you're sure to find a fellow Friends fan who will appreciate any show reference thrown their way. But under the radar, it appears there are, in fact, some people who do not appreciate the 1994 series - some who would go as far as to say it wasn't funny! Recently it surfaced that rapper Kanye West is among this group, taking to Twitter to confirm his beliefs. While most people couldn't believe this confession, the show's star Courtney Cox had the funniest reaction of all. 

Rapper and avid Twitter user, Mr. West, has never been afraid to share his true feelings in a tweet. So, when a post was published from his account declaring that Friends "wasn't funny," no one thought much of it. Another day, another questionable 'Ye tweet. However, it seems that this statement was not his words, as he later took to Instagram to explain it had not been him to write it. "I know you guys gonna be disappointed, but I actually didn't write the [tweet] that said 'Friends wasn't funny either,' but I wish I had," he wrote.

Kanye West Friends Tweet
Edward Berthelot via Getty Images
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Although it hadn't been him to post the anti-Friends tweet, he seemingly wanted the world to know that he did agree with it! Courtney Cox, who played Monica Geller for the show's ten-year run, caught word of this revelation, taking to her own Instagram for the perfect clap-back. In the hilarious clip below, you can see Courtney reading the infamous tweet off her phone while West's Heartless plays in the background. 

As the words of the tweet show up on the screen, Courtney can be seen looking closer at her phone in shock. "Okay!" Courtney seemingly says in her mind before walking over to the music player, turning the song right off, and walking out of the room. Unfortunately, we can't imagine this will be enough to stop Kanye in his tracks. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for his next outrageous tweet. 

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