Courteney Cox Brings Back 'The Routine' in Hilarious TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 05/17/2023

By Dina Wu
Courteney Cox hilarious TikTok
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Hold onto your Central Perk cappuccinos folks, because Monica Geller is back! Well, sort of. In a hilarious TikTok video, Friends star Courteney Cox teamed up with Kelli Erdmann to recreate one of Monica's most iconic moments, and we are living for it.

The sketch titled 'One Last Ride' pokes fun at the 'One Last Job' Hollywood movie trope - you know, when the hero has retired but is forced to come out of retirement for one last mission. In the video, Erdmann walks into a barn-style building where Cox is polishing a cleaning spray bottle. "I knew you’d show up," Cox says as Erdmann opens the door, to which Erdmann replies: "It wasn't easy tracking you down, Cox." Seemingly knowing what the TikToker is after, Cox says: "It wasn't supposed to be. Those days are over. I've moved on. I left that life behind, and made a vow never to return." Cue dramatic music. "We need you, the whole world needs you," Erdmann responds as the camera cuts to the duo in a garden performing Monica and Ross' famous dance routine. Cue applause.

Routine Friends Monica Ross
Friends (1994) Warner Bros. Television via IMDb
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Fans of Friends will remember Ross and Monica's choreography from season six, where the brother-sister pair performed a dance routine they made up in high school. Clearly a hit with fans, many took to the comments to encourage Cox to perform the dance with her former on-screen brother played by David Schwimmer, with one fan writing: "OMG you and David need to do the NYE Ross routine." We couldn't agree more!

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In other news, Cox recently opened up about getting facial fillers, calling worrying about her age "a waste of time." She told the Gloss Angeles Beauty Podcast, "Thinking I was getting older when I was really young, that's just a bummer, a waste of time. It's a domino effect. It's like you don't realize that you look a little off, so then you keep doing more cause you look normal to yourself, and you look in the mirror and go, 'Oh, that looks good.'" Hey, we still think she looks good even without the fillers! For our UK friends: Friends streams on Netflix and Comedy Central, while those in the US can stream the show on HBO Max. Can we get a "Pivot!" for this amazing TikTok video?

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