Meet the Comedian Replicating Red Carpet Looks With Trash


| LAST UPDATE 01/09/2023

By Lesley Gary
angelica hicks viral tiktok
@angelicahicks via Instagram

There's nothing better than a good fashion fail, especially when it's intentional! While all those celebrities and influencers are out there putting together the chicest outfits, it's only in our right mind to try them out for ourselves. Unfortunately, we do not all have the resources to re-create the exact looks, and one TikTok comedian was the prime example of this...

Each year, we witness the most extravagant and custom-designed outfits designed by luxury fashion icons, such as Dior, Balmain, YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more. A-listers like Kim Kardashian and the clan, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Timothee Chalamet have adorned the red carpets in show-stopping, head-turning outfits. (If only one day, we could do the exact same.) Of course, there is always the thought drifting through the back of our mind, questioning some of the million dollar outfits. But, when you're a celebrity, it doesn't exactly matter. Anything goes. Right? One TikTok user was up for the challenge and put herself to the test to see if re-creating any of these outfits would have the same novelty effect.

Angelica Hacks TikTok Celebrity Outfits
@angelicahicks via Instagram
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TikTok comedian Angelica Hicks, aka @angelicahacks, has accumulated a whole new genre of audience. She has gained 210.8K followers and a collective total of 12.6 million likes from creative and hilarious videos. With her persistent theme of using side-by-side formats, she attempts to duplicate some of the most iconic fashion statements in celebrity history. Does it work? Well, her videos speak for themselves. Using vintage clothes, assorted garments, and even garbage materials, she takes trendy looks and makes them stand out, making us see these celeb 'fits in a whole different light. In one video, Angelica attempts to create a carbon copy of Taylor Swift's silver-jeweled outfit from the 2022 VMA's. Her followers couldn't get enough of it. One commented, "Nailed it," while another one joked, "I can't tell which one is Taylor." Even the verified account for @elfyear commented, "you might've done something." Her other videos involve recreations of inspired looks from Anna Wintour, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid on the runway, and even Maggie Gyllenhaal, where Angelica involved Fererro Rocher chocolates in providing a spot-on aesthetic.

@angelicahacks #taylorswift #oscardelarenta #vma #midnights ♬ original sound - ANGELICA HICKS

The trick is to own it. In retrospect, these celebs might not be so keen on their selected outfits at first. But, once hair and makeup are done, and the shoes are put on, the look truly comes together like magic. Although, we have to humor these outfits a little for their ingenious yet creative and bold movements. Stay tuned for more hilarious content!

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