Chrissy Teigen Calls Professional Help to Find Luna’s Tooth


| LAST UPDATE 12/17/2021

By Zoe Browning
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Michael Buckner Staff via Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen shared with her 36.2 million Instagram followers the hilarious reason she had to call a plumber to her house. The Cravings author's, oldest daughter, Luna, is at the age where her baby teeth are starting to fall out. And we all know the best part about that time of our life is getting to put the tooth under your pillow and waiting for the tooth fairy to bring you a surprise. Well, unfortunately for Teigen, she accidentally misplaced Luna's, “Luna lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy PROMPTLY dropped it down the sink." Right... the "tooth fairy."

john legend daughter tooth
Jerod Harris / Stringer via Getty Images

We can only assume how upset the young girl had to be for the model to call for professional help. The video Teigen took showed the plumber taking apart the sink and using a tiny camera to search for the tiny lost tooth. “Oh s**t we found it on the camera! Praise lord I was so sad,” she finally updated fans. Thank goodness the 5-year old, whom she shares with John Legend, can now receive her present from the magical fairy. This isn't the first hilarious encounter Teigen has made with teeth. Back in January of this year, she posted a video to Twitter where she was seen holding a piece of sticky candy that was attached to one of her teeth! “I just lost a tooth in a Fruit Roll-Up," she added, "I loved him like he was a real tooth.” Oh boy, looks like she really needs to be more careful!

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Meanwhile, Luna's famous father, was busy getting one of her drawings tattooed on himself. "New tattoo by @winterstone based on a sketch by Luna." He captioned his Insta story. Supposedly the parents made a deal with one another, where they both needed to get their daughters art placed on their bodies. Chrissy revealed, "Luna was drawing on us one night, and then she was like, 'This is the best butterfly I've ever drawn!' and I was like, 'I agree! And then she drew like a beautiful floral bouquet on John's arm." she continued, "He [John] was like, 'I'll tattoo mine if you tattoo yours?' And I was like, 'Well, I don't want to say it, but yours looks a lot better than mine. But we support the arts in our household."