Charli XCX Recalls Hilarious Cardi B Exchange


| LAST UPDATE 03/08/2022

By Dina Wu
charli xcx viral tweets
Joseph Okpako / Contributor via Getty Images

Most of us, at some point, have been through the embarrassing ordeal of calling someone by the wrong name. It appears Cardi B recently got into such a situation with 29-year-old singer Charli XCX, who managed to turn an awkward situation into a rather funny one.

On The Tonight Show, Charli revealed to Jimmy Fallon a hilarious story that landed her an iconic nickname. Apparently, it all went down in 2018, when the two music stars collaborated on Rita Ora's hit single Girls, also featuring Bebe Rexha. Charli explained that the WAP rapper had later tweeted about the song to her followers - but didn't quite get Charli's name right in the tweet. Instead, Cardi B ended up tagging a completely different account by mistake!

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During the interview, the Break the Rules singer recounted how she found out about the hilarious mix-up. "She tweets the song, and I'm like, 'Oh my god! Cardi B tweeted my name! This is huge!'" Charli shared. "And then I checked the tag, and instead of Charli XCX, it's 'Charli STD.'" LMAO. We're sure Charli didn't see that coming, but at least her hilarious story had Fallon and his audience in shambles. In between laughs, Jimmy managed to get out a "close enough" in response to the funny incident. Iconic. But (luckily for us) there's more: apparently, Cardi B managed to tag the wrong account not once, but twice - yikes. We'll cut her some slack, though, since Charli then shared a reasonable excuse for Cardi not knowing her professional name. "It was one of those scenarios where we never actually met when we made the song. We shot the music video separately, and we were sending verses or whatever." So, seeing as these two had never officially met, it makes more sense that they were only on a semi-first-name basis at the time of Cardi B's tweet.

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Gary Gershoff / Stringer via Getty Images

Fortunately, the Boom Clap singer didn't seem annoyed by the name confusion. In fact, she added, "I felt honored, actually. If anyone is gonna make this kind of online error, it's gotta be Cardi, because it's iconic. I'm almost happy it happened. She can call me Charli STD whenever she wants." LOL. From here, we'll just have to wait to see whether Cardi B's infectious nickname for Charli XCX will catch on (no pun intended!).

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