Andrea Barber Channels “Kimmy” in Viral Birthday Post


| LAST UPDATE 04/10/2022

By Zoe Browning
cameron candace bure birthday
Daniel Zuchnik / Contributor via Getty Images

Full House star Candace Cameron Bure rang in her birthday on April 6th - and, of course, received a lot of love on the gram. But one of the most memorable wishes came from the actress's former co-star, Andrea Barber. Here's what went down.

For those who forgot, Barber played DJ's quirky BFF, Kimmy Gibbler, on the hit show. So, she filmed a hilarious video of herself where she channeled the character in honor of Bure's 46th birthday. It was also a way for fans to relive their childhood memories watching Kimmy's funny antics from Full House. The clip started off with Barber humming the theme song of the iconic '90s show. But that was just the start of the many references she included. Not only was she dressed up as Kimmy with her bacon and eggs scarf from the first season, but she also did the entire birthday message as Kimmy!

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Those who have seen the sitcom may remember that Barber's character had a friendly rivalry with Jodie Sweetin's character Stephanie. The two constantly argued about who was closer with Bure's character, DJ. So, of course, Barber poked fun at the storyline. "Way to phone it in, Stephanie. She can't call you herself or do her own Cameo for you," Barber said, citing the website that allows people to pay celebrities for personalized videos. "Anyways, I guess I'm just securing my place as favorite She-Wolf," aka the nickname for Kimmy and DJ's friendship in the series. 

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To commemorate their friendship of 36 years, Kimmy took out an old picture of the two when they were younger. And, obviously, she joked about the hairstyles they used to have back in the day.  "I'm sorry that I can't celebrate there with you right now but don't worry, I'll return to the Tanner house very soon because I just can't stay away. Like a boomerang, I just keep coming back," she said. LOL. To finish off the birthday wishes, she vowed that the two would continue being best friends before breaking into song. Barber began singing Uncle Jesse's song Forever. Let's just say the whole thing was a treat for fans! Check out Barber's Instagram for more hilarious content. We're hoping she'll continue blessing us with the nostalgia! Stay tuned.

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