Boston Reporter Goes Viral After Hilarious Live Outtake


| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2023

By Lesley Gary
Ellen Fleming Viral News
@ellenflem via Instagram

Sometimes things don't come out quite the way we want them to. Whether this is spilling the beans or slipping off an accent, it's sometimes just a natural reflex we can't control. For one specific news reporter, she was taken aback by a major surprise when her childhood accent came out of nowhere. Take a look!

The WWLP-22News Massachusetts State House reporter, Ellen Fleming, had a major episode of confusion when her original Boston accent slipped out during her segment. Sure, this isn't the most eventful thing to happen on live television. But, it was her reaction that made it internet sensation gold. Most people would not have even noticed, easily passing for a casual tongue twister moment. Yet, when the footage when viral, viewers found the mishap hilarious and had it on replay for quite some time. Not to mention, her fellow Bostonians were definitely triggered when the pronunciation was loud and clear on their screens. Thankfully, Fleming took this error in her stride and posted the blooper to her Twitter page, mocking her own hiccup. That's what we love to see.

Funny Viral Live News Reporter
@ellenflem via Instagram
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During the segment, Fleming is heard saying the following, "Parts of this bill are similar to the executive orders that have already been put in place in New Hampsha." Yep, that strong Boston accent at the end of 'Hampsha' came out loud of clear. She paused and looked up while her eyes seemed stunned at the fact her Boston accent came back to somewhat haunt her. She then says to herself, in the mic, "Hampshire," to reassure herself she's still got it. Though the clip was only ten seconds, it had to be put on replay to really capture the comedic essence! That being said, the shared video gained over 12.5 million views in under a week, but Fleming isn't taking the reactions to heart but finds them amusing. She posted via Twitter, "It's been a lot of fun, people certainly have their opinions on how they feel about the Boston accent, but it's been mostly positive!" Users had her back, commenting on similar moments they had experienced. One comment read, "This happens to me a lot — can't shake my Staten Island roots!" while another wrote, I love it! My wife is from Connecticut, now lives here in Iowa. Combine that with her Italian heritage and it's a show stopper when it comes out in the heartland."

Despite her little mishap, she had nothing to worry about, especially since this wasn't used for the televised segment. Even the New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, shared her post and captioned it, "New Hampsha is just fine by us, @EllenFlem." Stay tuned for more hilarious television moments!

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