Ashley Tisdale Shares Hilarious Met Gala Plans


| LAST UPDATE 05/08/2022

By Danielle Mejia
ashley tisdale red carpet
Dominik Bindl / Contributor via Getty Images

If the Met Gala provides one thing, it's entertainment. From roundups of the hottest looks to memes reacting to some not-so-popular fits, there's no shortage of content in the days following what is arguably the biggest night in fashion. And, TBH, whether you're in it for the couture or the comedy, Twitter is a great place to get in on the action. Just ask Ashley Tisdale, who was definitely feeling the Met magic when she hit the social media app to joke with her fans.

These days, the new mom is known for minimalist styles and her lifestyle brand, but for OG Tisdale fans from the early 2000s, things were totally different. She gained a reputation for hitting Disney red carpets in some of the most emblematic looks of the era. From skirts over jeans to the iconic "thou shalt spend" graphic T-shirt, the now-36-year-old actress had a reputation amongst millennial fans as a fashion queen back in the day. And while we wouldn't dream of wearing those fits anywhere other than a 2000s-themed party, Tisdale had a different idea in mind. The High School Musical star posted a collection of four of some of her best red carpet looks with the caption, "If I ever get invited to the #MetGala I would replicate one of my past iconic looks..."

ashley tisdale met gala
Noam Galai / Stringer via Getty Images
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It's safe to say that social media went crazy for the iconic throwback. The tweet raked in over 80 thousand retweets and close to a million likes, with fans doubled over at her hilarious dig at herself. From ballet flats to purses shaped as pianos, we're not exactly sure what theme would work for this particular look, but we'd cheer Ash on every step of the way. But perhaps the perfect solution is to have Tisdale hone in on the theme herself! Whether she lands on 2000s Realness or Disney Stars and Denim, we're certain that she'd hit the red carpet understanding the assignment.

We've only got about a year to wait to see if Ashley's Met Gala dreams will come true! So, in the meantime, be sure to check back for more cant-miss moments from your favorite celebs. And check out the best looks from this year's Met Gala red-carpet.

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