Aly & AJ Get Real in Hilarious ASMR Interview


| LAST UPDATE 06/02/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff via Getty Images

What happens when you combine beloved former Disney stars, ASMR, and hilarious anecdotes? Well, for starters, you get a top-notch interview to watch - and you're left with never-before-known facts about Aly and AJ! Here's what went down during the recent interview.

For starters, we have to give major props to W Magazine for their genius YouTube segment where they bring different celebrities in for an ASMR interview. And recently, they brought in actresses-turned-rock-stars Aly and AJ to whisper into the microphone and share some stories with viewers at home. From astrological facts to confessions about their former projects, this interview was packed with the LOL-worthy sister energy we needed to get through this week. So let's dive in and see what the rockers had to say. While lighting candles, tapping soda cans, and stirring ice cubes in a glass, Aly and AJ revealed their totally unbiased opinions when it comes to astrological signs. "We definitely identify as Aries," Aly confessed. "I think it's the best sign." And her sister clearly agreed, adding, "I think being an Aries makes us better at what we do." But that's not all - the Michalkas also had lots to share about their days as Disney stars...

Aly AJ Michalka now
Rebecca Sapp / Stringer via Getty Images
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"Working on Phil of the Future was really fun because I was able to be a part of my character's styling," Aly recalled. "They would always let me go in and pick out what I wanted to wear in that episode... But I might have gone a little nuts on some of the looks that you grew up watching," she laughed. Despite trying to stay in a whisper, the sisters could barely hold their laughter when comparing some of the early 2000s styles to Euphoria's wardrobe - LOL! They also talked all things Cow Belles, the 2006 Disney movie, AKA, the "bain of [their] existence." From poor writing to "cringe" acting, the former stars had few positive memories from the film - but that didn't stop them from getting some laughs in!

It's safe to say that Aly and AJ were loving every minute of this experience - and so were the 200 thousand-plus viewers! You can catch the whole comedic interview above - and stay tuned for more hilarious celebrity moments!

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