Alexis Stone Trolls Jennifer Coolidge With Iconic Impression


| LAST UPDATE 03/01/2023

By Dina Wu
jennifer coolidge funny viral impression
instagram via @theofficialjencoolidge

Hold on to your hats and get ready for the world's most hilarious celebrity metamorphosis! Milan Fashion Week just got a whole lot more fabulous with Alexis Stone’s incredible transformation into none other than Jennifer Coolidge. The award-winning drag queen and makeup genius is making us all smile in these chaotic times – thanks, Alex!

Using prosthetics, an entire Diesel outfit, and a blonde wig that would make Elle Woods proud, Alexis fooled everyone - from fans to paparazzi. Fans were taking pictures with her thinking she was some sort of celebrity. Even the paparazzi couldn't tell the difference. But the real kicker? She sat next to Haley Lu Richardson (aka Portia from The White Lotus) and caused even more confusion among onlookers. It was like something straight out of a movie! But wait, it gets better. Apparently, Glenn Martens (creative director of Diesel) was totally on board with the idea after Coolidge had to bail due to scheduling conflicts. Can you imagine? Getting the green light from the big boss himself! With Martens' blessing and support, Alexis took this stunt to the next level.

Alexis Stone celebrity impersonations
Instagram via @thealexisstone
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Despite being 6-foot-tall, he managed to completely embody Jennifer Coolidge with his prosthetic prowess and makeup magic. And get this – even Haley Lu Richardson was fooled! She had no idea that Alexis wasn't actually Jennifer until after the show had ended. Talk about some serious talent! And as if that weren't enough, Alexis went above and beyond by letting Haley and her mom squeeze his silicone face for good measure. I mean, who wouldn't want to touch that masterpiece? It was a moment they'll never forget – and let's be real, neither will we! With skills like these, I can't wait to see what iconic figure Alexis will transform into next. Maybe he'll surprise us all by turning into a giant cupcake or something equally ridiculous. Hey, anything is possible with this guy!

All we can say is "bravo!" This stunt was such a moment that news outlets couldn't tell the difference between Alexis and Jennifer herself. We can only imagine what other iconic celebs will inspire him next. Keep slaying! We're eagerly awaiting your next transformation masterpiece.

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