Child Has Hilarious Request for Her 6th Birthday Cake


| LAST UPDATE 06/27/2021

By Jessica Lopez
birthday cake, anne, beheading
Twitter via @KingsleyEdmund

Remember your 6th birthday? Maybe it called for a festive Piñata or backyard treasure hunt? But for one British couple, their daughter's actually looked very different...

Birthday, cake, anne boleyn
Twitter via @KingsleyEdmund

As Edmund Kingsley and Anna Morrissey prepared to ring in their daughter’s latest milestone, they were met with a rather, um, strange request. “Like so many girls her age, she insisted on a cake depicting the future Queen Elizabeth I witnessing the execution of Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII,” father Edmund Kingsley jokingly revealed.

Yes, really. "She said, ‘Well, my friend is getting unicorns, but I think what I'd really like is Henry VIII executing Anne Boleyn with Elizabeth I watching," Kingsley further explained to BuzzFeed News. But while most little ones might have opted for a unicorn or their favorite Disney princess, there's actually good reason for the hilariously unique request.

Hampton court, anne boleyn
Matt Kent/WireImage via Getty Images

As Mr. Kingsley revealed, he and his clan had just gotten back from a family getaway to Hampton Court. "That was like our big Christmas treat. We took the children ice skating there," he explained. Sure enough, after explaining to his daughter the backstory of the site, well, the rest is now history.

birthday cake, anne boleyn
Twitter via @KingsleyEdmund

"I think that's where the seed was sown, seeing that castle and having a really fun day there," Kingsley reflected of their trip to the Palace. "She just got really into the story of his big, fat, horrible king who had six wives." Honestly, same. But it appears we're not the only ones.

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anne boleyn, birthday cake
Twitter via @Vibeke_Venema

"Here’s ours! From a few years ago," one amused user soon revealed of their very own Anne Boleyn cake. "My children made me a Macbeth cake for my birthday!" joked another. Safe to say, while most of us probably wouldn't associate beheadings with our next birthday cake, we can't help but admire Edmund and Anna's little history-buff. In fact, we can't wait to see what her 7th birthday cake's going to look like.

Stay tuned...