Make Waking Up in the Morning Easier With These Tips

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| LAST UPDATE 07/04/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Unless you are one very lucky person who can easily wake up in the morning with full energy, then you know the struggle of having to keep clicking snooze just to get those extra 5 minutes of sleep! It's no secret that the mornings can be rough, especially when your warm bed is so enticing, who would wanna get up? But sadly, we all have responsibilities - from getting to school on time or heading to work, we can't spend the whole day in bed. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks to help our brain be more alert in the morning, a.k.a. no more grumpiness and exhaustion in the early A.M. Here are 4 amazing hacks to wake up easily.

Going from a night of deep sleep to a loud alarm sound can be very irritating. It's never fun to start the day off in a bad mood, and science agrees! There have even been studies conducted that provide evidence that having stress anticipation during the first few minutes of your day can negatively impact the rest of the day. One way to reduce this morning's stress is by changing your alarm clock. Say bye-bye to the awful automated sounds our phone plays and say hello to a sunrise alarm. These can be found on Amazon or Target, and they allow the body to be woken up peacefully. Because these alarms slowly bring light into your bedroom, just like the sun, the body doesn't stress out. It helps the circadian rhythm establish a regular rhythm of light exposure, which over time will help the body get used to waking up at around the same time very easily.

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Another beneficial tip to not wake up during your REM sleep is using a sleep tracking app. There are many apps, including Sleep Cycle that tracks your sleep quality and even monitors how long you spend in each sleep phase. So when you are at your lightest sleep phase, the app will wake you up! But waking up from deep sleep isn't the only reason our body is sent into a stressful state - it can also be the temperature in your room. Whether it's too hot or too cold, it can affect how we wake up. Luckily there are smart thermostats that automatically change the temperature at a set time to help you fall asleep and wake up better.

Lastly, after the sunset lamp has woken you up and the temperature in the bedroom is perfect, we'd recommend doing a few yoga poses (don't worry, they can be done in bed!). This will wake the body up slowly and easily. Try doing happy baby, child's pose, pigeon pose, and butterfly to reduce anxiety. And stay tuned for more game-changing tips! 

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