Pilates Has Come To the Rescue During Lockdown

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| LAST UPDATE 01/20/2022

By Danielle Mejia
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Let's face it - things haven't exactly been normal for close to two years. Everyday activities like school, work, or exercise have been flipped on its head thanks to the pandemic and all the restrictions that have come with it. And while there isn't an easy solution for all of the hiccups we face during the day, at the very least, we've found out about some helpful alternatives to keep our bodies moving and our minds engaged during this challenging time. So here's the down-low about this up-and-coming fitness craze getting a second wind during the pandemic.

We know the drill: exercise equals endorphins, and endorphins equal a mood boost. So during times like these when stress and anxiety can start to pile up, moving our bodies is as important as ever to maintain a positive mindset! But with gyms closed and the cold weather upon us, workout options are few and far between. But thankfully, a new at-home trend has got us feeling great with little to no equipment required: Pilates has been a minimal impact, maximum reward fitness trend that's been around since the 90s - but it's really picked up in recent years. And thank goodness, because it's been a total lifesaver in lockdown life!

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From online classes on Zoom, YouTube tutorials, and Instagram Lives, some of the best pilates instructors in the game have ditched the studio to help us flow it out from the comfort of our own homes. The benefits are numerous: physical exercise, mental relaxation, and so on. It's no surprise this fitness trend has been labeled the pandemic "lifesaver" by thousands who have become hooked on these booty-burning-mind-melting exercise sessions.

And if you're like us, sometimes you're too fatigued to give it 100% during a workout - and pilates can totally accommodate those types of days! From gentle stretching and low-intensity flow sequences to sessions that will leave her core on fire, there's something for everyone when it comes to this form of exercise. So, what are you waiting for? You can check out legendary instructors like Nicole McPherson's YouTube channel to get your start with pilates today!

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