How To Turn Your Shower Into the Ultimate Spa

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| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2022

By Zoe Browning
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After a long stressful day, sometimes a soothing shower is all one needs to get ready for a good night's rest. It's the ultimate way to include various self-care habits. Here are the best ways to turn your showers into a spa-like experience to look forward to each day!

Instead of using the harsh lighting you already have in your bathroom, try to set the mood by purchasing a warm-toned hue lamp. This will set the tone for a relaxing evening and a calming shower. Check out Amazon for a salt rock night light, or glowing light lamp that will transform the room. Now the setting is important, even beyond the light. Throw out that old shower curtain and spoil yourself with an upgraded curtain. Choose one with your favorite color or print, it truly is customizable and will make your shower a personalized one that you'll love! Last but not least, to set the mood, light up your preferred candle and get the bathroom smelling delicious.

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Of course, self-care is a must! So before you hop in to rinse off the day, try dry brushing. The tool can be found in most stores or on Amazon. By using the dry brush on the body in upward gentle strokes, it promotes lymphatic drainage. Get ready for healthy skin thanks to detoxifying and increasing circulation! It really is a win-win product that takes less than 5 minutes. Now it's finally time to get into the shower. Since hot temperatures tend to affect the skin barriers, go for lukewarm water, which is the optimal temperature.

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To remove debris and dirt build-up from the day, an exfoliating scrub should be used. Not only will it give you smooth skin, but some balms even contain magnesium, which further stimulates relaxation. Don't forget to also use a scalp exfoliator for healthy hair! With a clean slate, it's time to cleanse, try buying one with a smell you enjoy so you walk out refreshed. Finally, after taking a small part of your day for yourself, step out and moisturize! It's important to rehydrate the skin after we wash away any natural oils. We have no doubt this routine will have you on your way to the ultimate spa night! Enjoy!

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