These Tips and Tricks Will Help You Keep Your Jewelry Clean

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| LAST UPDATE 10/16/2023

By Dayna Hanson
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The ultimate accessory is jewelry. From statement earrings to necklaces passed down through generations to everyday pieces, jewelry is essential in creating the perfect outfit. But how often do we think of cleaning these beloved accessories? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to take care of and clean your jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry needs a good polish every now and then to keep it in the best conditions possible. How do you know when to polish and clean your pieces? According to Andrew Brown, diamond expert and CEO of WP Diamonds, "Pieces that get dirtier more often, like earrings, can be cleaned as needed or bi-weekly, depending on how dirty they get." Other pieces should be cleaned at least once a month. Having a routine cleaning schedule is important because the jewelry can become darker, lose its sparkle, and become less hygienic over time. Depending on the type of jewelry, your cleaning methods will vary. Gold pieces require the least amount of work, just a combination of lukewarm water and gentle dish soap, while diamonds need a special brush to help remove buildup. 

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In addition to cleaning, there are simple steps you can take on a daily basis that will help keep your jewelry retain its shine. Removing your pieces when sleeping or showering is an easy way to keep them from losing their sparkle. Another way to help maintain your jewelry is to keep it away from substances. Things like oils, lotions, makeup, and sunscreen can cause buildup and potential damage to your silver, gold, diamonds, and more. Chemicals, like chlorine, can also be hurtful to the material.

Properly storing your jewelry is another easy and effective way to keep them clean. Jewelry should be stored away in dry environments, and if they are kept in felt that is a major bonus. Proper storage helps avoid moisture buildup and tarnishing. While regular cleaning is definitely necessary, these easy-to-follow tips will help maintain your jewelry’s shine and sparkle. If cleaning your jewelry yourself isn’t feasible or if there’s a piece that is too precious, there’s always the option to seek professional care. A professional can easily clean and eliminate tarnishing to make your statement and everyday pieces look brand new. All these tips and tricks will help elevate your collection and keep them shiny and new.

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