Tips & Tricks To Get Thicker Hair

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| LAST UPDATE 12/19/2022

By Rylee Wise
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The age-old question of how to get thicker hair might be one of the most commonly asked questions for any hairdresser. More than 50% of women experience hair loss at one point or another, with that number just increasing. Instead of countless hair-growth supplements, scalp oils, thickening shampoos, and all that jazz, these celebrity hairstyles and a trichologist have dished out the best ways to grow thicker and longer hair the best way.

To start, it's important to keep it simple. "Less is more when it comes to promoting hair growth," according to the head of product development at Virtue Labs, Debby Vellozzi. Let's just start with the basics. According to Michelle Blaisure, a trichologist, the trick for thick and healthy hair is a balanced diet. She recommends a diet full of "good quality protein and good fats like olive oil and omega 3-s." More avocados, sign me up! Now to get into the products. It may sound obvious, but it is crucial to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair and read the ingredient list. According to the CEO and founder of Harklinikken, Lars Skjoth, look for a shampoo that will cleanse the scalp and a conditioner that will boost hydration.

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I'm sure we've all heard our hairdressers go on about this one. Don't over-wash your hair! "There is nothing better for shine than the hair's natural oils," according to beauty expert Lucy Flora, so when it comes to washing, you're safe to go a few days before shampooing. Master stylist Rob Peetom in Brooklyn suggests washing your hair only three times a week and massaging your scalp to get that blood flowing in order to avoid residue that clogs hair follicles and prevents new and healthy hair from growing. Massaging the scalp, got it.

For those that want to try a hair-growth supplement, experts suggest taking a multivitamin with a hair supplement in order to support healthy growth. A crowd favorite is Nutrafol, a hair-growth supplement that targets the root causes from within and just so happens to have won a BAZAAR Hair Award in 2021 for its promising results! On a final note, just fake it until you make it. Lucy Flora suggests using a lightweight product that plumps the hair and a thickening texture spray to give off the illusion of thicker hair until you reach your dream hair!

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