Tips To Get Rid of Scars & Dark Spots

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| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2022

By Zoe Browning
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We all fall prey to the inevitable picking and poking of our skin. Whether it's popping a pimple and accidentally turning it into a scab or peeling away that sunburn. We know it should be left alone, but sometimes we can't help it. Unfortunately, this can lead to scars, dark spots, or sun damage. And while they may take a while to disappear, we have some life-changing tips to help get rid of them a bit faster! Here they are.

Luckily our skin is a strong organ - it can heal, renew itself, and even protect us. Thanks to cell turnover, new skin cells are always being brought to the surface, making it the ultimate exfoliator. But sometimes, it needs an extra push to get rid of those uneven tones or old scars from former pimples. A skin spatula is a helpful tool that has numerous benefits. While many praise it for its tightening effects, it can also aid in reducing dark spots. The tool can not only exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin, but its ultrasonic oscillation makes it go even deeper. Adding this to your routine with other active serums will ensure clear results in no time. 

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Serums should be a go-to when trying to fade scars or hyperpigmentation. Ones with ingredients like lactic acid, lemon peel, and caviar lime will promote cell turnover, revealing glowy new skin and kissing that unevenness goodbye. For best results, opt for a gentle product so that you can apply it a few times a week without hurting the skin barrier.

While exfoliating may help diminish scars, uneven skin tone needs an extra boost. This is where the holy grail, vitamin C steps in. The brightening serum will (obviously) brighten your face but also again give cell turnover a little nudge to work faster. Apply it daily, just never at the same time as your exfoliator serum. So if one is used in the morning, the other should be incorporated into your nighttime routine. Together these tips should help you reveal fresh and clear new skin in no time! You can thank us later.

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