Ouch! How To Prep Your Skin Before Waxing

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| LAST UPDATE 12/11/2022

By Dayna Hanson
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Getting a wax is something that most women, and many men, have done at some point in their lives. It can be painful, leave redness behind, and sometimes can even irritate the skin. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! Here are some helpful tips on how to best prep your skin before a waxing treatment. Check them out.

First things first, it is best to have a schedule planned out. Once your appointment is booked, two or three days beforehand, you should use a gentle exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells or anything that could be in the way of the wax getting to the hairs. Dana Pellegrino, co-owner of a waxing studio and a licensed esthetician, told Byrdie that the best type of exfoliant to use should contain jojoba beads. She said, “They are perfectly round, unlike some other scrubs that can be too jagged or sharp, which is very rough on the skin. Jojoba beads gently roll across the skin, removing any dead skin cells, restoring skin and the overall appearance.” However, if you have more coarse hair, Pellegrino recommends using salicylic acid because “this ingredient can penetrate deep into the skin while clearing out any buildup that is blocking the hairs from coming to the surface.” Another tip - you should avoid shaving a few days before your appointment. We know it sucks! But to receive the best results, Pellegrino recommends having “about a half-inch” of hair, like a grain of rice.

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On the day of your appointment, you should also keep a few things in mind. For example, if you enjoy starting your morning with a cup of coffee or want to enjoy a cocktail before your appointment, it is best to avoid these types of drinks because alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating. Do the opposite! Hydrate as much as possible with water. Also, keep in mind what outfit you will wear to your appointment. While that cute new matching athletic wear set you got may be great for running a few errands after your appointment, there may be better things to put on. Pellegrino said, “It is always best to ditch the tight-fit clothing post wax to avoid any irritation. The wax area should not be enclosed, as it can cause ingrown hairs and breakouts.” Aftercare is just as important as before-care! Wear breathable underwear, a maxi dress, or a looser-fitting pair of pants.

Safe to say, these tips will help make your next waxing experience even better. While they may not take away the pain, they will better prepare your skin. Wax on, wax off!

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