Tips For Overcoming a Summer Cold

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| LAST UPDATE 09/02/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
Summer Cold Sleep Hacks
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It's a cruel world. The second it finally heats up out there, and we're excitedly whipping out our bikinis, we're hit by a storm that keeps us indoors. Known as the summer cold, it leaves us fatigued, blocked up, and coughing endlessly. Channeling mid-December vibes, we're cuddled up in bed, unable to go outside and enjoy the beautiful summer months. Moreover, with COVID-19 constantly threatening new waves, we fear our symptoms may be more than a cold, opting to stay away from family in fear of infecting them. In desperate need of a quick summer cold cure? We've got you covered! First and foremost, get tested. Once you're confident you're negative, these hacks will quickly nurse you back to health!

As bizarre as this may sound, considering the temperatures outside, our first tip is to run yourself a hot bath. While it may be slightly unbearable to enter, your body will thank you later when it feels rejuvenated and refreshed. Hot water facilitates blood circulation, a catalyst for fast recovery. Throw in some magnesium salts, which will instantly relax your muscles and intensify detoxification. A few drops of peppermint oil in the water can also make a difference, helping to unblock your respiratory system. Once you're out of the bath, wrap up tight, and allow your body to sweat out the bad stuff.

Summer Allergy Bath Benefits
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With the nose all blocked, we're often left awkwardly sleeping with our mouths open, waking up to a dry, achy throat. In these cases, purchasing a humidifier can make all the difference, adding much-needed moisture to the dry air. An extra step is to install a diffuser and drop in a range of oils for a pleasant room scent. Lavender is great for cultivating a relaxing and sleepy mood, while peppermint is your go-to for clearing the sinuses.

Last, but certainly not least, is sleep. When your body is worn-out, the greatest fix is a good night's sleep, as it uses the time off to restore itself. Not only should you ensure you're getting enough hours in, but it must be of good quality too. Block out all light and lather in some Aromatic chest rub to prevent disturbance and guarantee clear breathing through the night. Fingers crossed, you'll soon feel good as new! 

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