TikTok Shares Must-Know Hack for Zara Lovers

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| LAST UPDATE 06/15/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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Instagram via @y.and.z

Whether we're shopping online or in-store, buying clothes is always a risk. Unless we're taking the extra time to line up for the fitting room before purchasing, chances are high we'll get home, try it on and sadly realize it doesn't fit right. You may be a size 8 in one store, but it means nothing in another - and now the size 8 dress you just bought in a rush for tonight's event feels more like a size 6. With all the stores using different cuts and having their own unique sizing scale, shopping has become a gambling guessing game. But some TikTok users believe that Zara has been helping us all along thanks to a range of secret codes...

A TikTok user named @wearherstlye recently went viral after posting a video sharing the widely-unknown way of understanding how their clothes fit. "Square means true to size, triangle means it runs small, and circle means it runs big," the video read as pictures of the clothing labels and symbols were shown. Understandably the internet went wild over this revelation, believing they now held the key to well-fitting Zara clothes. Others even stated that they got confirmation of this fact from Zara employees. "So, the lady working at the register basically told me that anything that has a square on it means that it is true to size and anything that has a triangle on it means that you need to size up," she added.

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@rachel_arjun via Instagram
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Sadly, it seems that the excitement may be a little premature as Zara employees have come forward in the viral video's comment section to crush all our hopes and dreams. "Not true! I worked in Zara for six years!" one comment insisted. Another agreed, saying, "I worked at Zara, the symbols mean what line they're from - woman's basics, trafaluc and such." 

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Eventually, the clothing brand informed the Mirror that it is just a guide for their employees to know which part of the store it belongs to. While many of us were disappointed to hear this news, many influencers swear there's something to it, even if it is just a size guide for Zara's different lines. Certainly worth keeping in mind!

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