Can a Strainer Double as a Diffuser? TikTok Thinks So

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| LAST UPDATE 01/25/2023

By Rylee Wise
tiktok curly hair strainer diffuser
@wavyluzygoosey via Instagram

Have you heard of the latest hair hack that's taken the internet by storm? TikTok users have been using the common kitchen appliance, a kitchen strainer, to diffuse their hair instead of investing in a plain old hair diffuser. While it may seem like a bold idea, experts are weighing in on why this hack is so popular and how it may not work. Let’s dive into the details of this viral trend.

This hair hack was first seen on social media back in 2017, but earlier this year, TikToker @foxcraftcustom brought the trend back to life after her hair transformation video went viral. So how does the trick work? To use this hair hack, all you need is a kitchen strainer with fine mesh (preferably metal) and some ribbon or elastic bands. To get started, stretch out your damp hair and place the strainer over sections of your head. Then secure it with ribbon or elastic bands to keep it in place while you dry your hair with a blow dryer. Once your hair is completely dry, remove the strainer from your head and enjoy your voluminous curls! Sounds easy! But is it safe? Let's see what experts say.

tiktok hack strainer diffuser
@julissa_prado via Instagram
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"My advice would be to let a pasta strainer be a pasta strainer," Rizos Curls founder Julissa Prado told E! News. "While it's incredibly creative to repurpose items in our home for other uses, something designed to strain pasta may not give all hair textures the most ideal outcome." Julissa also added, "You're at risk of burning your hair or your hand, which aren't hair diffusers," recognizing that it's probably pretty difficult to dry your hair with a kitchen appliance over it.

@foxcraftcustom Replying to @maggieod915 #stitch with @foxcraftcustom here’s how to diffuse your hair with a strainer (Turned out even better this time!) #wavyhairtips #hairhacks #plopping #hairproblems #foxcraftcustom #wavyhairtutorial ♬ original sound - Liz Fox Roseberry

However, if you are going to go forth and conquer the strainer diffuser trend, haircare professionals recommend using cooler air settings and using additional products such as hairspray or mousse for styling purposes to make sure you're getting those luscious curlys! Finally, make sure that any items used for securing the strainer are not too tight around your scalp so as not to cause wear to your roots. We're all about saving them coins, but some beauty products may be worth the investment, ladies!

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