The Sunset Lamp That TikTok Can't Get Enough Of

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| LAST UPDATE 10/29/2021

By Danielle Mejia
sunset lamp mood improvement
Instagram via @soulylights

If you've gone on TikTok or Instagram recently, there's a pretty high chance that you've seen some content with some next-level sunsets. But luckily, you don't have to go chasing after good weather to experience the golden hour glow for yourself. Here's everything to know about the secret to these stunning selfies - and the mental health benefits that come with it.

sunset lamp actually work
Instagram via @manhakaiser

The trend is all thanks to a sunset lamp that's sweeping across social media. There are a bunch of different models and brands, but the general idea is the same across them all. It's a lamp built with a 90-degree rotation capability that can spread beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red.

sunset lamp viral trend
Instagram via @curateyourcart

But, this viral trend doesn't just make for great selfies; it can also positively impact your overall health! According to Healthline, these lamps can act as a form of light therapy, depending on the model. If done properly, it can help treat anything from seasonal affective disorder (A.K.A. those nasty winter blues) and even irregular sleep patterns! The article went on to recommend 10 to 15 minutes of exposure daily for the benefits to take effect. And some theories point to a connection between exposure to this light source and an increase in serotonin. How cool is that?

@xamarahh this was only $10 ahh #sunsetlamp ♬ we fell in love in october - girl in red

And it's clear that social media agrees. Whether people are ordering these lamps online for aesthetic or health benefits, they've certainly jumped in popularity. In fact, the hashtag #sunsetlamp has over 22,500 posts on Instagram alone! From influencers to regular teens looking for the perfect selfie, this lamp has spread all over the world and resulted in hundreds of new brands on websites like Amazon. Want to test this trend out for yourself? Most of these lamps sell for under $40 and can be at your door in as quickly as a week!

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@lilyrowland1 Wish I got one sooner #fyp #viral #duet #mydethunsunsetlamp #mydethunlampuk ♬ original sound - Lily Rowland

Safe to say that our order is placed. Be sure to check back soon for more mood-boosting life hacks to try at home.