Tips To Help You Stay Healthy on the Weekends

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| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2022

By Zoe Browning
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By now, we all know the drill: start off strong on Monday morning, prepping for the weekday ahead. Your fridge is full of healthy snacks, your workout schedule is planned, and your feel motivated and ready to stay on track. But by the time Friday night rolls around, the inevitable cycle occurs. You may drink a bit more than intended, wake up, and eat two bagels to cure that hangover... because, after all, it is the weekend, right? Wrong. There are ways to enjoy yourself and food without going overboard and completely messing up all the hard work you put in on Monday-Friday. Here are some helpful tips that will help you achieve your goals while also having a social life.

Now, this may seem obvious (and receptive), but stay hydrated! Drinking water throughout the day will not only ensure your body is getting all the water it needs, but it can also get rid of those cravings. When you're feeling snacky for a chocolate bar, try and take a few big sips. Sometimes our bodies can mistake being thirsty for hunger. After 20 minutes, if you still feel famished, then, of course, eat a snack or a meal. Another added bonus is it will help keep your digestive system in check. So if you do eat that chocolate bar, the negative effects it may have will be minimized. 

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A second way to curb those cravings for junk food and sweet treats is to keep glucose levels stabilized. This is done by eating delicious balancing meals that include a carb, protein, and fat. No restrictions around here! Start your day off by drinking a smoothie that includes all of these macros. Or a have your classic avocado toast with an egg to complete the balancing breakfast. These will not only balance sugar levels and reduce cravings, but a healthy satiating meal will keep you fuller for much longer.

For the later meals, opt for food with higher protein. But don't forget these should also be balanced, meaning don't forget your veggies, fat, and of course, a yummy carb. Yet still, we are humans after all, and there will be times when we just really really want a burger with fries or pepperoni pizza. So if you genuinely want that "cheat meal," enjoy it guilt-free! Because, after all, you had a healthy week, and healthy morning, so how can one meal ruin your progress? The key here is maintaining a lifestyle that is balanced. We can eat "good" and "bad" foods and still reach our goals!

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