Spring Has Sprung: Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Home

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| LAST UPDATE 04/02/2023

By Rylee Wise
spring home cleaning hacks
Mark McCammon via Pexels

The clocks have changed, the weather is warmer, and you've just put away your snow boots until further notice. Spring is here! To prepare for the beloved season, one must whip out those cleaning tools and get to it! Winter is out, and spring is in.

However, for those who don't have time to scrub the walls and floors, we have a few cleaning hacks that will most definitely come in handy this month. Let's make the chore a bit more fun, shall we? One of the most multi-functional tools of all time is the magic eraser. For whatever reason, the magic eraser just needs a little water to activate its superpowers and take all the dirt away! Break out this incredible tool and scrub away grease from your stovetops, fingerprints off the walls, and permanent markers off your tables!

cleaning DIY vinegar baking soda
Instagram via @cookscleaningcollc
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Next up is a good old tube of toothpaste. When it comes down to it, the oral hygiene product goes a long way and does way more than give you those pearly whites. Break out the toothpaste to patch up small holes in the wall, and cover up coffee or water stains. If you want to save your toothpaste exclusively for your teeth, we do understand. Salt is also an incredibly effective cleaning tool that too helps get rid of coffee stains and soaks watermarks on wooden furniture. Combine salt with baking soda, water, and ice, and voila, you have the perfect combination to get rid of those winter stains!

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Last but certainly not least, we have the classic vinegar and baking soda combination. The non-toxic cleaner is guaranteed to do some cleaning damage (but separately and together.) Specifically, the powerful combination is incredible for deep cleaning major appliances, such as a washing machines or a dishwasher. Additionally, the magical duo can help brighten up the kitchen sink or bathroom tiles. However, our favorite hack? Mix half part vinegar and half part baking soda together, and together you have the perfect concoction to deodorize your toilet or unclog the drains! And now it's time to get to the cleaning!

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