Beat Spring Allergies With These Easy Tips!

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| LAST UPDATE 02/06/2023

By Dina Wu
spring allergies relief tips
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As the warm weather comes and brings out vibrant blooms, for some, it also means a harder time - allergy season. For those with pollen-induced watery eyes & stuffy noses, there are ways to ease your misery! Here's our guide on managing allergies this spring so you can fully enjoy nature's beauty again.

Millions of Americans struggle with allergies in the springtime, but determining what triggers them isn't always easy. With a visit to your doctor or allergist and some simple tests, you can identify which irritants are causing discomfort - then decide how best to avoid them! Allergy medication may be just the thing for instant relief from seasonal sniffles and sneezes.

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Although this time of year is filled with beauty, the air is also packed with an abundance of pollen - making it tough to stay away from this pesky dust! For those looking to rid their home and self from excessively high levels of these particles, there are a few simple steps that you can take! Keep your windows closed if possible as opening them in morning may result in unwanted inflow of allergens; regularly change bedding (to keep dust mites out) and after spending time outdoors, be sure to take a hot shower before changing into some fresh clothes - immediately recognizing any unwelcome intruders!

And if - after having tried everything - you find that you're still suffering from the itchy, irritated skin that often accompanies spring allergies, there are some natural remedies to help ease your symptoms. According to a 2010 study, foods such as butterbur and bimmine (a Chinese herbal formula) can be very helpful for the relief of inflammation or asthma-like reactions. Take a deep breath - eucalyptus oil has been shown to assist breathing by soothing any irritation in the airways due to pollen counts! Additionally, oatmeal baths may provide much-needed comfort when dealing with allergy symptoms on your skin's surface. But the most important thing is, no matter what, don't let those pesky allergens keep you down. With all its blooming flowers and sunny days, spring is a delightful time of year - be sure to take the time to appreciate it!

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