Small Closet? Maximize Your Space With These Hacks

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| LAST UPDATE 11/10/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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Take a look at your closet. Is the door barely shut with clothes flooding out of it? No judgment, we promise - we've all been there! With our closets unable to bear the brunt of our shopping and hoarding addictions, it can seem like an impossible task to keep it organized. If you're willing to put in the work (and part ways with some items), there are some ways to get the job done...

This may seem counteractive at first, but before you do anything else, you're going to start the organization process by making a huge mess. That's right - throw the entire contents of your wardrobe onto your floor or bed and take a moment to admire the emptiness. Now the fun part is over, the cleansing process begins. Categorize the pieces into clothing styles and then subcategorize them into keep, donate, and archive. If you've watched any episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you'll understand that the archive boxes are a great way to keep hold of your less-frequently worn seasonal or statement items. Take photos of each item before placing them in the boxes so you can easily see what you have without getting it all out of storage. 

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Now your stock supply has been seriously reduced, it's time to get it all back in - neatly. With the clothes re-organized into styles (e.g., long dresses, short skirts, pants, t-shirts, etc.), see what needs to be hung and what can be folded onto a shelf. If you love to hang up your stuff, consider purchasing an additional rolling rack for the bulkier items. Other tricks for maximizing the hanging space include attaching two similar items to one hanger and using thin felt hangers.

If you're overwhelmed by the number of jeans in your possession, you're not alone! Most of us have too many of them, saving each option for an unknown event in the future. To free up space from having them on a hanging display, get the phone back out and photograph each pair of jeans before folding them on a shelf. Next time you're debating over what pair to wear, whip out the phone, slide through the options and make your selection with ease. The entire organization process will take time and effort, so hang in there! 

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