Savvy TikTok Influencer Shares Home Hacks

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| LAST UPDATE 07/14/2022

By Zoe Browning
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@mama_mila_au via Instagram

TikTok is always filling our For You Page with an enormous amount of information. From recipes to workouts to fashion trends and more. But our favorite has definitely got to be the hacks people share on the app. And recently, this Melbourne mom has revealed her best-kept secrets that she turns to all the time. Here's what she shared.

Chantel Mila posted a now-viral video on the social media app that explained 3 unbelievable lifehacks. After just one day since it was shared, it's been watched nearly 103,000 times! The first thing the mom of two shared was that aluminum foil is probably the best thing to get rid of stubborn flyaways. Who knew after buying numerous hair oils and hairspray that there was a simple yet incredibly effective trick sitting in our pantry the whole time? To prove it actually works, the influencer demonstrated - and viola, in just seconds, her hair was completely flat! According to Well + Good, the tin foil's metal works as a "conductor," aka it takes away all of the electric chargers from your hair. 

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@queenofjetlags via Instagram
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The second hack Chantel gracefully gave to the world was how to make sure your perfume lasts all day. And once again, it was a simple trick. All that you need to do is apply a fragrance-free lotion onto the area the perfume will be sprayed. This should moisturize the skin, allowing the fragrance to basically latch onto it so that it doesn't dry up - and instead, ensures you smell fresh through the day!

@mama_mila_ Which one will you try first? 🌻 #lifehacks #hometips ♬ Way 2 Sexy x Super Freak - Davo

While the first two lifehacks the Melbourne-based content creator gave were beauty related, the final one was the perfect hack for those who love to light candles all over their home. While lightning them up seems like an easy task, there are candles with multiple wicks, and sometimes they can be quite annoying to light up. Luckily Chantel revealed that if you only light one wick and turn the candle on its side, the flame should move over to the rest, and in seconds all of them will be lit. Check out Chantal's TikTok page for more amazing tips!

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