Is Niacinamide Worth the Hype?

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| LAST UPDATE 12/28/2021

By Zoe Browning
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Niacinamide has recently taken the skincare world by storm. Most influencers, celebs, and estheticians have raged about the effects it can have on different skin types. But is this latest trend really worth the hype?

First off, let's describe what exactly niacinamide actually is. You might already be familiar with retinal or other proclaimed acids like AHA and salicylic acid. While those products are specially geared to certain skin types, niacinamide can more or less be used by anyone for various skin concerns. "Niacinamide is the ultimate multitasker," said the founder of Pfeffer Sal, Andrea Pfeffer. "It's compatible with many other actives, so you can incorporate it into your routine easily without worrying about adverse reactions."

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It can minimize inflammation, skin redness, hyper-pigmentation, reduce visible pores, and maximize hydration and moisture in the skin. Niacinamide can also be used by those struggling with acne as it helps the skin get rid of excess sebum, which typically causes pimples. These various effects have been scientifically proven, explained the creator of skincare brand Paula's Choice, Paula Begoun. "Extensive research has shown niacinamide works to protect skin from environmental damage and also prompts production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It improves hydration, reduces signs of aging, diminishes enlarged pores, and significantly lessens skin discoloration," she said.

With so many benefits, we're gonna have to say this item is worth the hype. But how exactly does it work? Niacinamide is a vitamin, more specifically a B3 vitamin. Pfeffer explained, "Vitamins from this group are particularly famous for their soothing and healing properties." By placing the product directly on top of the skin, numerous good things will occur inside the skin. Begoun said, "Topical niacinamide is supported by long-standing research showing a wide range of remarkable benefits for all skin types and all ages."

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Because this holy-grail vitamin can treat so many types of skin problems, it's best to know what else to use alongside it. For example, someone with dry skin using niacinamide may consider incorporating a form of hyaluronic acid to increase hydration. While an individual dealing with oily skin should add salicylic acid into their routines.

Overall, niacinamide, which you can find at Sephora, can be incredibly healing to basically anyone. You just need to know what surrounding products should be paired with it.