Never Forget a Name Again Thanks to This TikTok Hack!

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| LAST UPDATE 01/06/2023

By Lesley Gary
TikTok Forgetting Names Hack
@niacc13 via Instagram

Some people remember by their face, and others by their name. Although, it's not easy to put the two together. For all those embarrassing experiences, you're not alone when it comes to forgetting someone's name. Thankfully, TikTok is once again providing answers to all our problems, no matter how big or small.

We're all guilty of forgetting someone's name at least once in our life. This might have happened in the midst of a deep conversation with someone you just met or a mutual friend whom you might never have to encounter again. Nevertheless, it's definitely a useful trait to always remember someone's name. There is an unwritten rule that you can only ask someone to repeat their name up to three times before it gets way too awkward. But we're leaving that one behind in 2022. With the power of social media, people are no longer gate-keeping, specifically when it comes down to overcoming embarrassing elements as such. One woman on TikTok recently posted a video regarding this issue and has been praised for her "genius solution."

TikTok Forgetting Names Memory Hacks
@niacc13 via Instagram
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Let's set the scene. You're talking to someone, it's flowing nicely, and you think to yourself, 'I am really enjoying this conversation... but who am I talking to?' When you find yourself in a pickle like this, all you need to do is remember the hack posted by TikTok user @niacc13. Nia has gained 10.8K followers on TikTok by posting hilarious hacks and situations while also showing off her beautiful singing voice. She is one talented girl. Yet, one video caught major attention and has made headlines. She shared her insight with her lifehack video saying, "Whenever I don't know somebody's name, I say, 'do you know that it's really hard to say your own name three times really fast because you're not used to saying your own name?" Users were quick to comment that she is "winning at life," while another said, "Girllll you're genius and my idol." The video sparked other routes to overcome this situation, "I would just ask them how to spell their name." Yet, someone was quick to respond, admitting, "I asked someone how to spell their name once because I couldn't remember it. It was AJ." Yikes.

@niacc13 I do this with the students at my school and with people I meet at gigs too🤣😭 #lifehack #forgettingsomething #funny #teachertok #foryou #teachersoftiktok #singersongwriter #musicindustry #viral #fyp ♬ 24 - Nia C. C.

It's scenarios like these which remind us how lucky we are to be in a world with TikTok. When it comes to finding quick fixes and helping others who have experienced similar awkward situations, it's a little reminder to everyone we are all in the same boat. We can't wait for more lifehack content!

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