Millennials and Gen-Z Are Ditching Meat More Than Ever

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| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2021

By Danielle Mejia
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If one thing's for sure, we certainly are not our parents' generation. Study after study has shown that millennials and Gen Z-ers are ditching some staple consumer trends that the older generations couldn't get enough of... And one of the biggest ones? Animal products.

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Veganism is on the rise with younger demographics not only in North America but in Europe as well. In fact, a study covered by Express outlined that Brits aged 18 to 24 were twice as more likely to have made "green" changes in their day-to-day life compared to the Baby Boomer demographic. So what's up with the young people's beef with beef exactly? Well, individual choices can be made for a multitude of reasons, but overwhelmingly, Gen Z-ers and millennials are ditchin' chicken and other animal products for both health and environmental reasons.

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Not only are young people aware of the health benefits of veganism, but the environmental benefits just can't be ignored! According to Forbes, meat and dairy industries contribute 7.1 gigatons of greenhouse emissions each year - which accounts for nearly 15% of all human-made emissions overall! And the number one culprit is definitely beef. As the article went on to highlight, one kilogram of beef accounts for 60 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. Yikes! But one of the biggest switches in veganism is that it's no longer seen as a compromise in flavor. And it's all thanks to an army of vegan influencers sharing their recipes on social media.

Meet Maya, a German teenager dedicated to sharing her love of vegan cooking. She and her 1.3 million followers have found love in a meatless place with her hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes packed with goodness. From vegan steaks to tofu scallops and mac 'n' cheese, Maya has shown that making the switch to a vegan lifestyle doesn't come with ditching some tasty favorites - it just requires a bit of creativity! She even found so much success that's she published a book titled Ooh, That's Vegan? where you can find loads more inspiration.

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One thing's for sure, this is one tasty trend we can get behind. Be sure to check back for more viral lifestyles on Sarcasm Therapy!