Choosing the Best Entryway Ideas for Your Home

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| LAST UPDATE 09/17/2023

By Dina Wu
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It probably comes as no surprise that the entryway to a home is the first thing guests notice when they step in. According to experts, you can make your house feel more like a home just by choosing the right way to set up the entryway. New York-based designer Becky Shea says, "Entryways set the tone for your guests, so it's important to design it thoughtfully and keep it free of clutter for the best first impression." We've rounded up some tips and tricks to keep in mind when deciding on a design for it.

The first thing you'll want to be sure of is that you choose the right furniture for the entryway. Design Hutch's Brooke Spreckman advises people to go for designs that are unlikely to go out of style. We know those Instagram interior design posts are so satisfying to look at, but trends come and go - and it can be a pain to have to update your home every once in a while. That's why it's better to "use materials and furnishings that are timeless and durable and pieces you know you will love over a long period." Neutral colors and soft textures, like linens and stones and woods, are great options for such pieces.

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Next up is the lighting in the entryway. As most of us know, changing the color, brightness, and position of the light in any room can greatly alter the vibe of the room - sometimes even making it look completely different! The same goes for entryways. According to designer Alexandra Kaehler, dimmable lighting is a great solution here. It allows you to find the right kind of light the matches the tone of your home. She prefers to "have a lamp so you can have some dim lower lighting in your entry."

Last but definitely not least, you might want to add a mirror or some nice artwork to hang on the walls. Madison Popper from a Florida-based interiors company called Chill Casa says that "a large mirror or statement pieces of artwork will add depth or reflection to the space make it appear larger." We can't argue with that!

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