How To Boost Your Energy Levels

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| LAST UPDATE 01/16/2023

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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Most of us will be familiar with that low-energy feeling when anything and everything feels like a major challenge. The cold winter doesn't help matters either, encouraging us to stay indoors in our pajamas on the sofa and cuddle up to the point of passing out. It's all fun and games on Christmas day, but then we're returning to the office feeling exhausted and low on fuel. If this describes your current state, here are some helpful hacks to get you out of the slump.

On occasion, a person will feel unusually tired due to an underlying medical condition. However, in most cases, it's down to some simple lifestyle habits that can be switched up relatively easily. It all comes down to the law of conservation of energy - rather than create or destroy energy, humans receive and expend it. Applying this to our lives, if we're feeling tired, it's likely due to us spending more energy than we're receiving or not getting enough energy in the first place.

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Eating a balanced diet will ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs and will guarantee an adequate amount of energy. Certain foods, such as heavy carbohydrates and processed, will leave you feeling heavy and exhausted. Dehydration will also cause tiredness, and correcting this through drinking more is a highly recommended way to increase energy levels.

In terms of your daily routine, scientists speak highly of deep breathing exercises. Whenever you feel tired, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing, taking ten deep focused breaths. Almost instantly, you will feel more awake. On a similar note, stress can tire us out, so mindfulness activities such as meditation and walking outside can be key. Focusing your mind or spending time with nature will help to decrease stress and, in turn, increase energy. Even just 20 minutes per day in the great outdoors can work wonders! Lastly, be aware of your daily interactions and activities and note any likely to be using up too much of your energy unnecessarily. Don't wear yourself too thin, and make self-care time a priority! Within a few days, you should be feeling as good as new!

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