How To Crush It at 'Adulting'

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| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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Many of us spend most of our teenage years dreaming of the day we will finally be adults. No one telling us what to do, no parents limiting our fun with a curfew - it all seemed so perfect. Now we're finally here; we realize how blissfully naive we had been about the whole thing. After trying it out for a few years, we've concluded that it's hard work, and frankly, we'd do anything to go back to the days of no bills and no responsibilities. Unfortunately, the world has yet to create a time-rewinding machine, so for now, we have no choice but to make the best of what's in front of us. We've gathered some helpful hacks to help ease the process of adulting...

As young adults, we're constantly being told to protect our skin and maintain a sensible skin routine to ensure we glow and are wrinkle-free in the future. One thing in our lives that most of us don't realize contributes to our skin condition is our pillowcases. While we sleep, we shed all sorts of nasty stuff that builds up on the material, which we then lie our faces on. Wash them every 3-5 days to keep your pores clean! Additionally, wear sunscreen every day and double cleanse it off every night.

Double Cleanse Skincare Hacks
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How about eating healthy? We've heard that's important, too, but often we don't have the energy to make them happen. A great hack is to wash your vegetables and store them away as soon as you bring them home from the supermarket. Not only will your fridge look like it belongs to Khloe Kardashian, but you will be more likely to grab it when you see it right there, ready to eat. Meal prepping may sound like a huge effort, but it's a great way to guarantee you're eating a healthy, balanced meal every day.

Another delightful component of adulting is sorting out your finances. We're not saying you need to create a multi-layered spreadsheet (although we fully approve if you do!), but it's essential to have some level of control. Work out what you want to save for the future, how much you need for the basics, and what you'll set aside for the fun stuff. It's worth looking into Roth IRA investments which can pay off significantly down the line. One step at a time, big breaths! You got this!

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