Hacks To Backpack With Ease

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| LAST UPDATE 04/30/2023

By Jacqueline Vaughan
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With summer on the way, we imagine many of you are beginning to plan your dream vacations. While for some, the idea of backpacking and slumming in nature is the definition of a nightmare, the rest are itching to whip out that backpack and enjoy the flexible movement it offers. If you're amongst the latter, we're here to provide extra helpful tips and tricks for the ultimate smooth-sailing backpacking experience.

Use your charger wisely - It's become customary for backpackers to charge their phones on portable battery packs overnight, but there are some real benefits to working on a different charging schedule. After the device reaches 100% battery, it will continue using electricity. When you're at home, it's unlikely to break the bank, but when you're working with a limited power supply on a portable battery, this can be a wasteful error. Instead, we recommend charging your phone while you hike or sit down for a break. This way, you'll be sure never to overcharge your battery and keep your battery going for longer.

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The Makeshift Pillow - If you're backpacking, you're likely not splashing out on five-star accommodations along the way. Instead, you'll spend the night outdoors under the stars or in a cheap hostel that charges extra for bedding. In these cases, you're unlikely to have a pillow to rest your head, especially if you were limited on space and your clothes took priority in the backpack. Of course, you can grab a pile of clothes and lay on that, but we have a more comfortable trick up our sleeves that requires no extra weight on your back. Making the most of the equipment you're already carrying, take your sleeping back sack and fill that with your clothes. It's gotta be tried to be believed!

Last but not least, we introduce to you the Water Bottle Lantern. Most hikers will own a headlamp which helps them find their way in the forest's darkness. However, as helpful as this tool is, it can be limiting when navigating a campsite. If you're trying to cook dinner or play cards with the family, you'll need a more stable light source that doesn't threaten to blind the people around you. To solve this issue, take a flashlight and place a water bottle on top. This will instantly create the feeling of an illuminating lantern.

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