Your Official Guide to Fighting Anxiety

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| LAST UPDATE 03/09/2022

By Zoe Browning
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Unfortunately, many of us are victims of Sunday night scaries or even daily anxiety. And while at the moment, it can be difficult to get rid of the heavy feelings, there may be a way to prevent the anxiety from becoming too severe. From eating unhealthy, to not enough self-care, here are some things you should avoid doing if you constantly get that uneasy emotion.

While it can be difficult to find time for ourselves, not participating in enough self-care can have negative effects on our mental health. It should be a priority to spend at least one hour with yourself (no distractions!) Fill up that time doing anything and everything you love! No string attached. Wanna binge your favorite guilty pleasure show? Go for it! Wanna take a luxurious bath and meditate, then you do you girl. The options are endless - read a book, paint, make an extravagant meal, or even a simple one. Anything that shows love to yourself is important for reducing anxiety levels.

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Another thing you should prioritize is meal planning. When our minds are all over the place, jumping from one anxious thought to the next, it can be too easy to just eat anything we have access to at that moment. But that usually means eating junk food or unhealthy options that will make us feel worse afterward. Try avoiding this by prepping a few ingredients at the start of your week, or at least thinking ahead to what you'll eat for your next meal. While we're on the topic of consuming food, let's discuss caffeine and coffee. Too much of it can unfortunately, lead to high levels of stress and jitters! Oh no. It's not a fun way to feel, especially with anxiety. So opt for herbal teas or decaf drinks to reduce these feelings.

Last but not least, get off your phone! Scrolling mindlessly through all your social media platforms can be damaging to your mental health. We subconsciously are comparing ourselves and our lives to those we see on TikTok, Instagram, etc. It can be an overload of information that we consume each day, which further affects our anxiety. So step away from the screen and instead try to go on a walk - or meet a friend for dinner. Hopefully, these tips help you out, but of course, these are just our suggestions. Stay tuned for more lifehacks, headed your way!

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