Check Out These DIY Tricks That Are Bound To Boost Your Mood

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| LAST UPDATE 10/28/2021

By Danielle Mejia
diy painting improve mood
Instagram via @chescaleigh

It's pretty safe to say that we've all spent a whole lot more time in our homes and apartments over the last year. Thanks to the pandemic, our pads have become our restaurants, classrooms, and hang-out spaces. So why not make them as beautiful and inviting as possible?

accent wall diy tiktok
Instagram via @chescaleigh

Clearly, Franchesca Ramsey feels the same way we do. The multi-talented television writer, producer, and actress transformed her Los Angeles apartment with some cute DIY tricks. Like many of us, she wanted to elevate her living space to new heights - without draining her bank account. And that obstacle fueled some next-level creativity, which slowly spread around her apartment. Let's check out what she's DIY-ed so far.

The creative millennial started with a vision in mind that she'd seen online. As Ramsey put it, there was a "very expensive (and very cute) wallpaper that inspired" her to flex her painting skills and take on a little project. Franchesca documented her transformation and shared it with her 171,000 followers from start to finish. She opted for a golden mustard hue and got to work. "Home is where the art is," she captioned her DIY recap. The final product was straight out of a Pinterest board: an accent wall decked out with bright squiggles from floor to ceiling.

abstract accent wall DIY
Instagram via @chescaleigh

As fun and inspirational as Frachesca's DIY project was, there was some serious method behind the madness. According to NBC News, studies have found that beautiful scenery not only encourages productivity but also improves one's overall mood! And we couldn't agree more. Just one look at the iCarly revival co-producer's apartment made our day. And what's even better? It was just the beginning for Ramsey and her projects. In the months following the squiggle wall, Franchesca has continued with the DIY spirit. She has added polka-dots, fluorescent light writing, and more abstract doodles to her white walls.

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Want to see more for yourself? Be sure to check out Franchesca's Instagram account to keep up with all her home improvements and mood enhancers. Something tells us she won't be slowing down anytime soon.