Creative DIY TikTok Trends We Want to Try ASAP

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Jessica Lopez
DIY TikTok Trends
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For anyone who has found themselves with some extra time on their hands, or wants to get creative, here are some of the top trending TikTok DIY projects that we're buying supplies for! Go through your closets, collect canvasses, and let's get some crafting inspo!


I bleached my jeans! 😱 #diy #tutorial #fashion #jeans

♬ ALL IN - ZaeHD & CEO

Like TikToker Brittany Xavier, if you have a pair of jeans lying around that could use an upgrade, look no further than a bottle of bleach! With a steady hand, this gal bleached one leg of her jeans, washed and dried them, and now has a totally new addition to her wardrobe. Anyone up for the challenge?

Creative DIY TikTok Trends
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Or! Now that summer has arrived, take some time to spruce up your outdoor space to include the necessities for the season. Whether it's some new pillows, candles, or restocking your bug repellant, a fresh look to your favorite outdoor space is sure to get you outside more this month.


doing some fun, satisfying art diy! #foryou

♬ Beef by flo milli - Susan (she/her)

For those who prefer to keep clothing and the outdoors out of it, all you need for this DIY is some paint, a solo cup, and a canvas. Fill your cup with different color paints, then comes the big satisfying pour. After letting the layer of color settle, like the talented @cammdden, you'll have a new piece to hang on your wall!

DIY TikTok Trends Painting
imageBROKER/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

In another paint-centered DIY idea, a plain wall can be turned into an eye-catching accent inside or outside the home. Simply create a geometric pattern out of painter's tape by connecting corners, and use your favorite colors to fill each shape. When done, remove the tape, and you'll be left with an amazing design!

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Have you ever wished you could have your own face or one of your favorite pictures on a shirt without paying an arm and a leg for it? Well, TikTok DIYer Jake Polino showed his followers exactly how to do it in a video he posted. And, most if not all of the materials you'll need can be found in your own home!


Something to do while quarantined #diy #fyp #tshirt

♬ original sound - Jake Polino

We don't know about you, but we're feeling more inspired than ever to take advantage of our downtime and create some cool stuff! Whether painting, project: clothing, or just surfing TikTok for ideas is more your thing, we can guarantee some satisfying results!