27+ Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles

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| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Danielle Mejia

No need for these floaty devices to sit in the garage collecting dust! From shoe organizers to furniture accessories, here's a round-up of brilliant DIY hacks people are pulling off using pool noodles.

Bed Buffer

This one's for all the parents out there! Moving our little ones from the crib to a big kid bed can be a momentous occasion, but it can also come with some nerves. Luckily, there's a way to prevent any bedside tumbles.

pool noodle hacks DIYpool noodle hacks DIY
Instagram via @blanka_angelica

Rather than splurging on a transitioning bed that has a barrier built-in to the side, all we need are some spare pool noodles lying around. By fastening them to the mattress under the bedsheets, our little toddlers will have a full-length buffer along the outer side of the bed that will keep them tucked in all night long.

Cushioned Arm Rests

Now, let's be honest… Summer patio furniture may be convenient, but it's not always the comfiest. After all, most of the time they're made from weather-resistant materials like plastic, metal, and even wood. So how can we add a little bit of comfort during our summer lounging sessions?

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
YouTube via Shake the Future

Well, by cutting slits into some shortened pool noodles and sliding them onto the existing armrests, we'll be able to relax in comfort while catching some rays. And it doesn't have to stop with armrests, either! This hack can be used for cushioning the back of our head or neck as well.

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Bunk Bed Protector

Oh, college... Pretty much the only time that we'll catch anyone over the age of 10 in a bunk bed. Unless we're in the Step Brothers movie, of course! And while bunking up with our freshman pal is a life experience for the books, it can come with some unfortunate side effects.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Reddit via u/Babaloosh56

One of those is the inevitable head bump that will happen for the one on the bottom bunk. But, thanks to this hack, it may be more avoidable than one may think. By securing some pool noodles with zip ties, we can protect our noggins from those late-night bangs when we get up to pee.

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Floating Cooler

While some of these ingenious hacks give pool noodles a second life outside of the pool, this next hack keeps them in their natural environment. After all, these floaty devices aren't just for lounging on - they can also really come in handy for other must-haves on a hot day.

pool noodle hacks DIYpool noodle hacks DIY
Instagram via @cackleblossums

Finally, we don't need to choose between getting a refreshing drink and getting out of the pool! @cackleblossums on Instagram showed us how she made a floating cooler of her own thanks to this pool accessory. And the best part? It floats even with ice in it! Talk about a cool hack...

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Dog Cone Substitute

For all our dog owners out there, this next tip might save us from some desperate puppy tears. The plastic dog cone is a rite of passage for many pooches and comes with some equally pathetic and hilarious moments. But it's safe to say that we find it way funnier than the dogs...

pool noodle hacks DIYpool noodle hacks DIY
Instagram via @stumpytailed_frankie

So, rather than subject our dog to a week-long (or more) sentence looking like the Pixar lamp, we can fashion a collar made of sliced pool noodles. They'll do just as good of a job of keeping our pooch away from their healing incision - plus, they can enjoy much more mobility throughout the process!

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Bike Safety Device

Commuting via bicycle to work may be good for our body and the environment, but it doesn't come without risks. Especially when we're stuck without a bike lane and forced to share the road with some drivers who lack a sense of personal space when it comes to cyclists...

pool noodle hacks DIYpool noodle hacks DIY
Reddit via u/SEthaN08

It can be intimidating, but it's not impossible! And some people have gotten creative when it comes to ensuring their safety on the road. Just check out this cyclist! By attaching a pool noodle to his seat post, he was able to ensure cars were giving him ample room to cycle safely to his destination.

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Car Window Comfort

Long car rides in the summer make for some great memories. From great tunes to yummy snacks, it can feel like the hours in the car can go by in a second. But, discomfort can certainly get in the way! And we're sure we're not the only ones who have gotten that mark on our arm while resting it on the window for too long.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Instagram via @novaksiouxfalls

But catching a breeze doesn't need to come at that uncomfortable expense anymore! By having a shortened pool noodle with a slice down its side on stand-by, it can be whipped out in a flash to bring some much-needed comfort during those long trips. This trucker sure seems to be a fan!

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Bundle and Organize

Whether we're getting ready for a move or trying to do a little spring cleaning, there never seems to be a shortage of organizing to be done at home. But luckily, there are some cheap and easy tips that can make our mass clean-ups go a little smoother. Just take a look at the picture below!

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
YouTube via Shake the Future

Pool noodles can be sliced to create a tight coil. And this can be the perfect solution for a flexible but durable organizing hack that can keep a variety of objects in place. From spare rods to extra piping, one may be surprised to see how versatile this hack truly is!

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Music Recording Tools

Recording a great track doesn't just start and stop with great instruments. It also requires some pretty state-of-the-art recording tools. And for hobby musicians (or struggling artists on a budget), the bill can really add up! But, with a little creativity, we can improve our sound without breaking the bank.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Reddit via u/Beelzebubbin

Reddit user Beelzebubbin shared his hack with the online community, writing, "pool noodle isolation technique works amazingly well." While it may not be the most aesthetic accessory, it certainly gets the job done for producing a cleaner sound. And after all, it's all about the music, right?

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Changing Table Bumper

Parenthood is filled with a lot of special, heart-warming moments. But it's also filled with some panicky ones - especially when our little ones learn a new skill like rolling over! Suddenly, worry-free diaper changes turn into mad marathons to get the job done before our baby wiggles away.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Instagram via @mstinkapung

But, this next hack can give us a little peace of mind. Just like in the hack for toddlers' beds listed above, noodles can make for an excellent bumper on the changing table. Whether one is looking to protect their little one's head from a bonk or avoid them rolling out of their reach, this hack can certainly help!

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Trampoline Spring Protector

If anyone else has ever experienced the pain of landing on trampoline springs, then this hack is here to help - if only we'd had it before our unfortunate accidents! Landing in between these metal springs can cause some serious pain - but this next hack can save us from some serious tears.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Reddit via u/Asho777

Plus, they can add some color to our trampoline! As we can see in the picture, some sliced pool noodles are the perfect fit for trampoline springs - and they don't just protect the jumpers! By wrapping the springs up, we'll protect them from rain and snow, which over time can lead to rust.

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Out-Of-Pool Playtime

Left to their own devices, we're pretty certain that most kids would come up with this hack on their own. After all, thanks to their energy levels and love of action cartoons, a little play fighting is pretty much bound to happen at some point, right? At least this way, we can avoid any serious injuries.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
Instagram via @ptbomuseumarchives

Inside the pool and out, pool noodles make for excellent children's toys. They're flexible, light, and can take a fair amount of action without showing any signs of damage. Plus, they make for perfect lightsabers for Star Wars reenactments that don't end in any tears or bloody noses. 

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Weight Grips

Ever felt like doing a few more reps, but the texture of the bar is too much to handle? Worry not, this next hack is here to help! Because while some weights may come with their own rubber grip, they seldom do the trick - and our sensitive hands pay the price.

pool noodle hacks organizationpool noodle hacks organization
Reddit via u/SirJuxtable

Luckily, pool noodles can do just the trick in providing some much-needed comfort during our workout. Once shortened, they make the perfect pad to wrap around the metal grip of the dumbbell. With this hack, blisters can be a thing of the past, and something tells us our hands will be thanking us...

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Boot Stands

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to keep our winter boots neatly organized in the shoe closet? While they may complete the outfit, these knee-high boots can be quite a pain to align. And what's even worse, by letting them flop all around, we can end up with some creases!

pool noodle DIY organizer pool noodle DIY organizer
Instagram via @always_amanda

However, @always_amanda shows us that it doesn't have to be that way! There's a quick and easy way to keep our winter favorites upright and organized - and it doesn't involve any pricey shoe organizers. By cutting up some noodles and placing them into the calf section of the boot, we'll keep them vertical and pristine.

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Bed Frame Cushion

Now, this next hack will have our shins thanking us! We're sure we're not the only ones who have experienced the life-shattering pain of accidentally hitting our shin against a metal bed frame in the middle of the night. Suddenly, a trip to the bathroom will have us yelping in agony!

pool noodle DIY hackspool noodle DIY hacks
Reddit via u/CircleKjerk

Not for long, that is! Thanks to this easy hack, we can protect our shins from that rude wake-up and subsequent bruise. With a little snippet of a pool noodle, the sharpest corners can be tucked away. As they say, "out of sight, out of mind!" Keep scrolling for more...

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Door Bumper

If these pool noodle hacks are doing anyone favors, it's definitely parents. They act as affordable and kid-friendly alternatives to pricey home accessories on the market. For example, there are some Baby Finger Savers on Amazon that can reach up to $20!

pool noodle DIY hackspool noodle DIY hacks
Instagram via @ncsoapandmoxie

And sure, 20 bucks may not seem like much, but why cough up the cash when a pool noodle can do just the trick? By securing a slitted pool noodle to a door, we'll be able to save our curious baby's fingers from some unfortunate injuries as they learn the joy of closing doors.

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Soda Koozie

From pool floaties to floating coolers, pool noodles are here to help us elevate our lounging game. And now, we can add another hack to the list of this multi-purpose material! With a little DIY love, the average styrofoam floatation device can become a koozie for our beverage of choice.

DIY pool noodle hacksDIY pool noodle hacks
YouTube via Shake the Future

All we need to do is widen the inner hole to ensure our can of soda fits snuggly, and there ya go! Not only will we keep our hands from having to grip that ice-cold can, but it will help preserve the cold for the drink itself. Talk about a win-win solution...

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Extra Babyproofing

As much as we'd like to pretend, babyproofing seldom happens in one quick swoop. It's more like a journey that parents and babies embark on together and involves some panicking from the parents' side of things... Isn't it just incredible how able those little crawlers are in getting into everything?

DIY baby proof hacksDIY baby proof hacks
Instagram via @tiptonzoffun

While in the blink of an eye, our home may look like one big accident waiting to happen, luckily, pool noodles are there to save our little one from any unnecessary bumps and bruises on their crawling adventures. From stool bars to table edges, this DIY solution can definitely come in handy...

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Car Door Bumper

Parking lots can be a high-stress environment, especially when we have to deal with some less-skilled parkers. Things can go from bad to worse when we notice we've been blocked in by a car or even noticed a scratch from someone else's parking job. Just us?

car door bumper DIYcar door bumper DIY
Instagram via @the_home_kindy

While pool noodles can't make people better drivers or parkers, they can at least protect our car from the wild, wild west that is supermarket parking lots! By fastening one to our car door, we can protect our car's exterior from any nicks and scratches.

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Cord Gathering

For any organization lovers out there, this next hack is for ya. Because while technology may bring a lot of good into our lives, the massive amounts of tangled cords certainly don't! But now, we don't need to choose between a tech-friendly home and an organized aesthetic.

Pool noodle hacks DIYPool noodle hacks DIY
Reddit via u/aargn69

Pool noodles make for some subtle cable organizers that can save our eyes from having to look at bundles of unorganized wires on the floor. Once neatly threaded through, the noodle can be tucked up against the wall and out of our way. Plus, we can even spray paint them a more subtle color!

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Curtain Loop

Whether we're looking to get some extra light into the room or keep our curtains out of the way during a cleaning session, a tie or loop for our drapes can pretty much always come in handy. So, why can we never seem to have them in our time of need?

Pool noodle crafts DIYPool noodle crafts DIY
YouTube via Shake the Future

Luckily, there's no need to panic when we can't find the matching loop. Instead, we can make a make-shift substitute by slicing a pool noodle into a short coil. Not only is it flexible, but it will also do an excellent job and holding our drapes in place.

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Car Shield

Now, depending on how one feels about color, this next pool hack may or may not score high for aesthetics. But, we can't deny that functionality-wise, it's certainly doing the trick. This creative DIY-er took protecting their car to the next level with this nifty trick.

Pool noodle crafts DIYPool noodle crafts DIY
Instagram via @pdr_2u

By fastening a few dozen pool noodles together, they were able to create a moldable and durable car shield for inclement weather. Plus, while other car sleeves protect against rain, this one can help provide some coverage for more serious storms like hail and even snow.

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Windshield Wiper Sleeves

Speaking of protecting our cars during winter, ever experienced the special winter-time joy of releasing our windshield wipers from the icy grip of the glass? A night unprotected from the elements can add minutes of frustration to our morning routine.

Pool noodle crafts DIYPool noodle crafts DIY
Instagram via @alabamabelike

But, with the help of these versatile pool accessories, we can protect our wipers from getting stuck to the windshield. The sponge doesn't freeze to the ice, meaning we can slide the protectors off in the morning, and off ya go! Surviving the winter is all about easy hacks like these…

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DIY Headboard

Hello, Pinterest! Sure - this next hack may not be shaving minutes off our morning routine or providing some babyproofing peace of mind, but it's certainly winning the design prize in our eyes. After all, just take a look at this beautiful headboard!

Pool noodle crafts DIYPool noodle crafts DIY
Instagram via @margaret.wright

And there's no need to break the bank by splurging at Anthropology or IKEA. All that's needed are some pool noodles and fabric of our choice. With a little patience and a hot glue gun, we'll able to create a bedroom accessory that will be the envy of our friend group.

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Roof Racks On a Budget

If these pool noodle hacks have taught us anything, it's that there's no need to shove out the big bucks when a few two-buck pool floaties will do the trick. And while we may pride ourselves in creativity, some people are really taking their DIY-ness to a whole other level!

DIY easy car hacksDIY easy car hacks
Instagram via @roweysadventures

Over on Instagram, @roweysadventures was left speechless with the ingenuity of his fellow DIYer. "Seen this Lexus driving on M1 the other day couldn't help but take a picture," he shared in the caption. "Don't worry about spending big money on roof racks! 3 pool noodles and nylon rope." Pretty smart, huh?

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Crease Preventers

Keeping our formal wear crease-free in the closet is a battle that we have lost far too many times… But finally, there's no need to frantically do some last-minute ironing thanks to this crease-preventing hack that's making its way around social media.

DIY easy crafts RedditDIY easy crafts Reddit
Instagram via @fspaeastcentral

While it may seem counter-intuitive, most hangers actually encourage creases in our clothes. But by sliding a pool noodle over the hard plastic, we'll create a soft and smooth hanging place for our clothes. Not only will we be able to maintain organization, but the clothes will be wear-ready right out of the closet!

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Reusable Party Decor

In the true DIY spirit, we're all about making our lives easier all while reusing things that we already have lying around the house. And after throwing out enough roles of streamers after one use only, we're sure relieved the see a more environmentally friendly and aesthetically-pleasing option on the table!

DIY easy crafts hacksDIY easy crafts hacks
Instagram via @missnicoleathome

Sure, some patience is required, but by slicing up some pool noodles nice and thin, then stringing them together in a color-coordinated manner, we'll be able to create our very own reusable (and floatable!) party decor. Perfect for our beach or summer-themed party!

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Packing Hack

Packing up and moving can be enough of a headache in and of itself without arriving at our destination and realizing that something's broken along the way. And things with sharp or delicate corners can be a particular pain to pack. But it doesn't have to be that way!

DIY easy crafts hacksDIY easy crafts hacks
Instagram via @rose.rivort

Just take a look at the creative packing hack @rose.rivort showed us on Instagram! By lining the frame of her antique-looking picture frame with pool noodles, she's able to guarantee that her frame can get to point A to point B without getting damaged (or damaging anything else) along the way.

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Faucet Extention

Every time we have to pick up a bucket full of water from the sink and lift it to the ground, we're shocked all over about how heavy water can really get! And we're sure we're not the only ones… But whether we're washing the floor or looking to water some plants, a big bucket of water is a necessity that can't be avoided.

DIY pool hacks bathroomDIY pool hacks bathroom
YouTube via Hack To Reality

But, we can avoid the heavy lift from inside the sink! By attaching a pool noodle to the end of our faucet and placing the other end into the bucket, we can essentially create our very own faucet extension that's flexible, too! Just make sure it's really snuggly fit onto that faucet unless ya want an indoor water party!

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Veggie Patch Hammock

There's nothing quite as satisfying as successfully growing a big honkin' vegetable or fruit from our at-home garden patch! But while big watermelons or squash may cause major excitement for the green thumb in us all, it can certainly put quite a load on the plant itself.

DIY easy crafts gardeningDIY easy crafts gardening
Instagram via @ebubb_grasshopper

But with a pool noodle, we can create a flexible and durable hammock for our big produce to rest peacefully, all while reducing the strain on the vine or stem. That way, we can take our time and allow everything to ripen properly without sacrificing our gardens!

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