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| LAST UPDATE 01/04/2022

By Danielle Mejia
viral ovira period cramps
Instagram via @ovira

It may come once a month, but for many of us, the pain feels brand new each time it strikes. And despite all the hot water bottles and loose waistbands in the world, let's face it - periods can be a serious drag. But one company is leading the fight when it comes to pain-free cycles.

Ovira, an Australia-based company, came out with a product named Noha: a "revolutionary period pain relief" that's backed with science. But how does it work exactly? Well, the device has a main unit to switch on and off, plus two adhesive pads that can be placed wherever your cramps are affecting you strongest. The whole device is connected by thin wires that allow for the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to travel to the source of pain and seriously eliminate the cramps as they surge.

period cramps relief TENS
Instagram via @ovira

"The medical industry has used TENS technology to treat pain for decades," as Ovira's website noted. According to their breakdown, "TENS works by overloading your nervous system to reduce its ability to transmit pesky pain signals to your brain." That's right, with that loop interrupted, you can kiss cramps goodbye because no signals = no pain! And best of all, it gets the job done without overloading our bodies with a constant supply of pain medication - which can have some serious consequences in the long run!

One quick look at Ovira's Instagram page will show just how appreciative the customers are. With over 44 thousand followers and climbing, @ovira has built a global community of people who appreciate the care being provided to those who suffer from intense pain. "I love your product it helps me every other month when my period is super bad," one thankful user commented on a post. Another user added, "this device saves lives!" It seems that Noha's got quite the fan club and it's only growing.

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So there you have it! For under $150 this five-star reviewed lifesaver can be yours. Plus, they offer worldwide free shipping and afterpay options. What more could we ask for? Be sure to check back soon for more need-to-know lifehacks.